Saturday, September 4, 2010

Musings of a Middleaged Runner

On top of coping with my shin agony of hellacious doom, this week has also been a flashback to July of the Oh-Ten. Meaning? Hotter than the hinges of Hell. Quite dreadful, really and most uncomfortable to do much of anything in (oh wait. I have an outdoor job! one that requires feats of athleticism all the while dressed in the warmest clothing one can imagine. Unfair! I declare shenanigans.... on myself...) I digress.

I had a glorious, albeit painful on the front end 5 miler last Saturday. I did a very beautiful loop around one of the many lakes that my town is so proud of (and that our property taxes reflect, ahem.) No problem with that, which will lead me to my next post (to follow next week) about my final decision regarding a 10K in the Oh-Ten.

On Monday it was hot like WHAT so I retreated to the basement to pound out some elliptical training time. This was bad and not fun. I hate how that machine spreads my legs in ways that they/I protest about (perhaps I need to ask the Huz to post a guest blog on this subject?? Kidding, kidding....!) I found that despite the "low impact" of this activity my leg was more sore than it had been- most bothersome not to mention confusing!

I did another 3 miles on Wednesday morning as the sun attempted to rise around the smog, haze, whatever you want to call the stagnant layer of humidity that we are currently immersed in. I gimped pathetically for the first .5 mile or so and then fell into a pretty decent rhythm as my ass hat leg gave it up. No worse for it afterwards. I had my Sister do a bit of work on the leg the next day and the results were inconclusive- no obvious appalling muscle problem, she applied a lot of pressure to my various leg bones with only moderate yelps of pain from myself, and she declared a tentative diagnosis of a bone bruise. Hmmmm.

The past two days have brought more heat and unbearable humidity but the threat of a hurricane, much shin aggravation (which for whatever reason has faded to a dull background noise this morning) and a flare up from my ruptured toe tendon. I am giving the old bod a break until Monday morning when I will emerge from the ashes of my disabled list fire, and take on the world ready to kick some serious booty! (or. just not go totally lame again.)


  1. Dude, no better reason to give your body a little break than heat + humidity. I kind of hate myself for taking up jogging in July -- but at the same time, I love imagining going for runs in the cool autumn weather, when I'll be better at running anyway.

    Also, I dreamed last night that you gave up running and it was all my fault because I've been so dang lazy about writing you that guest post. Consider it rocketed to the top of my teetering pile of to-dos.

  2. HAH! Dreaming that you end the olympic caliber running career of a complete internet stranger is what the 2000's are all about!
    No worries, I do not wish for you to feel and blogging pressure from me so whenever you guest post I'm happy.
    This has indeed been a summer of challenging heat and tedious humidity. Good luck to us in a few months (or weeks?) running in the snow and ice... Doom!