Friday, September 3, 2010

Shin S**T

I am rapidly growing weary of my shin issue. Can't quite put my finger on what the problem is because it is strange, to say the least.

In short:
-It is always much worse in the morning
-It is always worse the day after I DON'T run (like 48 hours)
-As I run, it gets better. But hurts at first.
-It does not feel like a shin splint in the least.
-It is located on the inside of my right shin-bone area. But there is no one place of "intense" pain. Seeming to rule out a hairline fracture.
-I can fully rotate my ankle and flex my foot up and down with zero pain. Further ruling out a hairline fracture.
-I am annoyed by this. Very much.

AND I have a 5K in 9 days. Which I had fully intended to set an epic personal record in. Hopefully I make a full recovery very soon.

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