Monday, August 30, 2010

Race Day Notes

A quick PS to my original July 31st race report. These are the original unedited notes that I took in my training log post race. Anybody that uses's training log knows about the "faces" that they create for you, depending on your well being and what have you. That is what I'm talking about...

I love the little blue face that active trainer put up when I recorded my daily feelings, or whatever. This was a Very Bad Week. I had not slept properly in days. My stress was very high. My feelings of well being were lowwwww.
It was a beautiful sunshiney low 70's and dry day, and I actually had a running buddy! (my BFF's Hubs) so I made the best of it.
My original goal was to come in in an even 31:00, but after I heard many people moan and agonize over the hilly terrain (and after my lack of speed on my own personal hell, I mean hill) I said eff it. If I can't do my own hills in less than 35 minutes than what will make me faster on this day?
It turned out to be quite hilly- the first 2 miles were ALL uphill but it was manageable and not retarded like I'm used to. Awesome! I felt good and it was fun having a running buddy (for the 1st 2 miles, than I made him eat my dust.)
The first mile was slowwww (8:23) but it was a large race with lots of weenie campers running arm in arm and clogging up the interstate. The pace picked up nicely after that and I beat my original goal by 30 seconds. I hit the wall in the last 0.1 but recovered in less than a few seconds once I stopped. The final hill was a bitch and owned my slow ass....
Ended up 95th out of over 600. Only 16 women were in the top 100- it's absurd how much faster the men are. I'm used to a female dominated sport so this really makes me say "WHAT??" I was 5th in my age division (it was 10 year divisions instead of the usual 5. Excuses, excuses.)

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