Friday, August 27, 2010

A list. I like lists.

After having my ever helpful and fully fantabulous friend Jennie diagnose my sore leg with a "compound fracture" I took it over to see my sister, the expert diagnostician. "It is probably a bone bruise" said she, with wisdom and gravity. "If you had a compound fracture you would be in excruciating pain, not to mention the bones and what not sticking through your skin." (which I knew. I really did.) "Go run on it" she advised "maybe take it easy for a few more days."
Digesting those words of wisdom (as well as my weight in chocolate chip cookies) I hit the road for a not so easy and relatively up hill 4 miler. And it was fine. (smiles)

Things I have learned while running this summer. A top 8 list.
1- Well, that I can actually run... Profound bitches!!
2- Running in humidity kinda sucks. Like, a lot to be honest.
3- I can easily consume 5 Gatorade's and endless water in said humidity and still loose pounds of water while running. Lots of pounds. Weird..
4- Pavement gets really hot in the summer sun and burns the eff out of my sneakered feet, again- weird.
5- People love to shout at me out of their cars. "Run, fatty, RUN!" being the clear winner here.
6- A while back 2 miles was daunting, and 4 was insurmountable. I have, ummm, mounted it? How would you say that?
7- I have met some really nice people and I feel that runners are terrific. (except ABS. Just kidding!)
8- I like running. I like how easy and uncomplicated it is to slap one foot in front of the other again and again. It is not always EASY, but it's always straightforward. All things in life should be so simple...

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