Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Life and Times of a non running runner

This has been a very strange August.

Being the determined, organized and (ahem) rather anal gal that I am I had Plan A for how to properly take my running to the next level during the past 3 weeks. During this time I fully expected (even thru my VERY busy summer work weeks) to put in 4 runs per week, look towards bumping up my mileage and make the final epic decision on where/when if the Ultimate 10K Goal was going to be part of my plans in the OH Ten.

Oh life? why are you getting in the way??

During August I have run (count EM!) FOUR TIMES. 14 MILES. WTFFFF??

I don't have excuses. I have reasons.

1- Big life changing family situation. Saying goodbye is hard. And heartbreaking.

2- Mysterious injuries, case in point-
2.a- The toe, tentatively diagnosed over tequila shots as a ruptured tendon. I do trust my diagnoser so this seemed quite logical (for real!) That is feeling better and did not stop me.
2.b- I had a close encounter with a rock wall. Evidently I saved most of my bod by cushioning the fall with my FACE. But my legs were unfortunately involved and 9 days later (and some pitiful running attempts later) I'm still having the ouch. Damn..

3- Life in general. Suck it!!

Enter PLAN B:
For the next week or so I plan to attempt to do some nice slow runs with the goal of figuring out what the leg can take right now. If I can't run I'll walk. I'm also in the process of getting as fit as I can for a big thing in the other work/athletics related part of my life so I'm hitting up some weights, ab work, that kind of fun crapola.

I wish to run. I would like to take a vacation from the garbage in my head and running offers a very nice escape as the whole time I'm running that is what I think about (not tripping, falling, getting hit by errant trucks, etc. Ya know..)

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