Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My mini-break...

I still have to backtrack and recap my July 31st 4 miler. But first a few quick words.
(a few quick words that would LOVE to take a turn for the angst ridden hallmark TV mini-movie monolouge. but will not...)

Occasionally, even when one is pretty crazy/hardcore/dedicated one needs to back the eff off and take 5 minutes to chill out. Think things over. Re find one's inner zen-like qualities.

On August 1st I made a responsible choice to take a mini vacation from hitting the pavement. I was exhausted, about to embark on the busiest work week of the summer (in retrospect, possibly my life) had just been slapped in the face with a hearty dose of good old fashioned bad news, and had also developed an odd and annoying toe injury.

How do I feel after taking an absurd 10 days off from running? Not so hot.

There is NO way I could have done it for the past period of time though, as I was having immense difficulty drumming up the energy to get the job done during the day. (and seeing as I hurt my toe inexplicably while not running I can only imagine the horrors had I gone out for a long, energetic Marathon training session.)

Bottom line, every so often a reason is a reason and not an excuse. I did not wake in the morning saying "I wish I could run, but..." My energy needed to be directed elsewhere, to my insanity laden job, to my family in this time of trouble and to attempting to maintain some level of sanity. (yes, a low level. but still...)

Today I go out and hit the road again. I have no great expectations but am ready to put one foot in front of the other and get back to what is normal. I find that whenever the rest of my life is taking turns for the scary and unknown I take comfort in my normal (somewhat crazy) routine.

So here's to knowing when to take a few days to readjust. And then getting back to life, and taking things one day at a time.

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