Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Sneakers are for feet. Gloves are for hands"

You know, if you want to run barefoot go right ahead. You are crazy!! (but good for you. the world is full of choices and this is yours, but not mine Mo' Fo's!! I likes mah shoes!)

On facebook the other evening I noticed a status update from my BFF's Hubs that was most disturbing. To paraphrase it said something to the effect of this "I'm gonna get some Vibram 5 fingers and OMG I'm so excited!" Or a more manly version of the same....

Rolling my eyes I immediately sent a message to put the kibosh on this silly toe-separation madness. "HEY!" I cyber shouted "If you get those I'm going to tease you and call you a sally-Mary!!" (or something close to that....) Many other people responded and except for a few misinformed supporters it was all out warfare of BFF's Hubs and his bad, bad choices. Some extra special mud slinging between the two of us (Which he has to take, I have been his wife's BEST friend for 20+ years. Henceforth, he doesn't stand a chance.)

Some examples:
-What's Vibram Five Fingers???? Sounds obscene!

-Geek. Sneakers are for feet. Gloves are for hands. Don't be confused.

-If I ever see you wearing those things I'm going to slap you. (from yours truly)

-I did get them. For half of the retail price. Bring it on MA-Runner. I ain't scared!!!! (from BFF's Hubs)

-OMG. Dork. Go ahead and run in them. Imagine the way that I'll beat you while you flip around with all your toes separated. Creep-O! (from me!)

-Oh now its on. Why don't you go ride a horse or something and wear a top hat while you're at it. ha ha (To me, from BFF's Hubs)

-HUBS!!!! i want to see u both run around in top hats! (from my BFF)

-when and where is this taking place?

-Dear BFF's Hubs. It's on. You, me, the stupid frog shoes, top hats and oh, say 5 miles or so. ASAP. (or as soon as I'm officially off the DL. BUT with those stupid shoes you love so much I could still beat you broken and all...)

So, the gauntlet has been thrown. At a yet undisclosed place and time BFF Hubs and I are going to don Top Hats (?) running shoes (me) frog flippers( him) and duke it out in a battle for the ages.
I declared a 5 mile run because I don't stand a chance in a sprint but feel that I can beat him in a longer run, especially since his feet will fall off by then. BWA-HAHAHAHA! HAH!

Stay tuned for developments on this battle of shoes VS barefoot. We shall see who reigns victorious!

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