Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To the Doctor we go, we go....

My leg and I will be taking a trip to see my Doctor tomorrow, much to my dismay.

I was very patient (not so much) and gave the stupid shin FIVE days off. No running what so ever. I didn't even run inside for snacks/lunch/beer like I have been known to do. I walked around in a most sedate and VERY slow manner. Downright ladylike if you ask me.

I took the leg out again last night for a walk/run/tranter/hiphoppidy of doom.

Since the leg (I need to just give it a name, it has caused me enough annoyance to deserve a name of its own. Suggestions welcome.) Anyway, since the leg has been feeling mildly better I was downright offended when after an EPIC warmup a HALF MILE of walking- all this after lots of stretching- it still kicked up a big old fit when I started to run (run is so generous. it was pathetic.)

I sucked it up and ran close to a mile- it did relax a bit but not enough to make me happy.

My sister (world famous massage therapist) does not notice anything odd going on in the muscles.

Which brings up the question: What the HELL is going on??? 23 days and counting.... and only about 21 miles run in that time (awful!!)

Race plans for Sunday are OFF. BOOO.

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