Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trash Talk

I have found that running around my town has made me appreciate many things about it. It is quiet (for the most part) has beautiful views, pretty lakes, quaint little towns and that good old fashioned small village feel.

Other things I notice while running, not to include the crumbling shoulders of most of the roads in town....

-The usual trash on the roadside. Dunkin Donuts cups, Bud cans, cigarette cartons. It makes me want to drag a little cart along with me and clean up after the slobs. Like a Small town Sherpa, cleaning up our little Mt. Everest!

-Now the more interesting.... Ladies Underwear. Several pairs!! WTF??

-One condom. Sweet Baby Geezees, I wasn't getting within 10 feet of THAT thing!! (sadly, I already was. Almost stepped on the slippery little sucker. Bllllergh!)

-While walking yesterday I noticed a discarded used pregnancy test. I assume from the same person who first lost their knickers on the roadside and then flung the condom from the window?? I chose not to investigate the results of this test. Disgusting.

It seems as though my hood is a hot, steamy place where people take their affairs to the streets and limited shoulders of our poor town. I'm sure they think that their left behind items will go unnoticed.... Evidently they had not counted on the keen eyes of certain middleaged runners?

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