Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 8: running in snow and in summer. Confusing

I seem to be getting my recap posts up later and later... This isn't for lack of things to talk about, it simply is due to lack of time.
I must assume, that since I am already a sub par blogger (at best) that my slacker ways will be forgiven.

So, last week was week 8 of Marathon training.
Shockingly, it did not snow. At all, if I remember correctly. With the atrocious weather of late, that is nothing short of a miracle.

I was really happy that the majority of my workouts were done outdoors. Being stuck on the treadmill for two weeks is not, in my mind, ideal. However, it is a better option than not running at all!

Last week was a huge improvement in the outdoor running department.
The only run I did indoors was my speed workout, 4x1 mile repeats at 7:54, which seems respectable for this point in training relative to my time goal (which is... what? I suppose it's almost time to nail this down.)

I tackled the bitch hill, and discovered some snowbanks that were enormous. HEY.
The hill work itself was shocking enough after 14 days on the treadmill. The snowbanks though, were even more shocking.

The top of Bitch Hill. BIG FAT TALL snowbanks. 
There was a warming trend at the end of last week. It was in the mid 50's here, which felt tropical! Eric and I headed to the Deep South (of Boston) to find NO snow and even warmer warmer.

The first stop, a cousin meet up!! We were lucky to get to spend a hot minute with my cousin and his wife who live right in Boston. Love them.

We watched some curling and shouted to one another in a delightfully noisy, borderline dive bar. It was a fun, impromptu get together! We are always so happy to see family, so it was especially fun.

Well. They give a solid warning! 
Saturday morning dawned hot, and got hotter.
I had a long run to complete so we jumped out of bed pretty early and hit the road.

Mile 4, already hot! 
Slowly but surely, we realized that it was going to be a day far warmer than we had seen in about 6 months. Had it been a race day both us us might have died a terrible death. Since it was a training run, we kept the pace reasonable, kept the water bottles filled, and took a legit 12 minute stop to purchase (and return, when it would not spray) and eventually thoroughly apply, sunscreen.

I will just go ahead and say what a smart move this stop was! When it is boiling hot and sunny out, and it is frigging February, and you are ghost white pale, sunscreen is the answer. (and with 4 miles to go, I tossed back on my long-sleeved shirt, knowing that despite everything my fair, dainty skin was surely burning...)

So yeah, it was 64 here and there... 70 here and there. Blazing sun. SUMMER!
I really enjoyed this particular long run. It was BONE flat (not that I have really been pushing the hills this year.... but still pleasant...) The weather was unreasonably spectacular, and there were hundreds of other people out running. I felt good throughout (as one does, when it is pancake flat) and it was fun taking in some new sights.
I was glad to be able to enjoy some summer weather on a training day. I would not mind 15 degrees cooler on race day though!
Boston runners: you are lucky. what a great running city!! Views, people and water fountains are so very pleasant.

My view at mile 18. Not ugly. 

One good story. I had a coffee way too close to the start of running time. Due to this transgression, I had to pee a couple times during the first 8 miles. I REALLY did not want to get arrested for indecent exposure, but I did make a quick pit stop behind as tree at one point.
So right, I duck into the woods, drop trou real quick and get ready to pee like a race horse.. I look up, and RIGHT there were about 50 SWANS, all looking really pissed off and looking at me with judgement.
I was like "don't look at me, swan" (as anyone would be.)
But I peed SUPER quick and scampered.
JESUS. Why all the swans?? So scary. And hissy. Yikes.

Post run, I did what any sensible beer snob would do. I made my way to Trillium, bought a case, Uber'd back across town beer in hand, and proclaimed it my beer of the week (duh.)

Beer of the week! 
Since we were in the city for a convention, I then sat down for many hours to take in panels on science and such. (and a live taping of Dear Hank & John. My FAVORITE.)
Yeah, some people are all like "I love podcasts, like Serial!"
And I'm like, whatever. I like Dear Hank & John, the 237th most popular comedy podcast about death.
Listen to it, it is my favorite.


Eric was very excited because he won a place in line at a Hannah Hart signing. He is a big fan, and while he planned to fanboy hard he choked (according to him, I was at the Crash Course panel so I did not witness his meltdown.)

Sunday wrapped up the week with a FLAT, flat recovery run, in 40 MPH wind conditions (wow. aggressive.) We then had delicious brunch with Eric's cousin who attends Northeastern, but we neglected to take a pic (so did it really happen....??) We spent more time at the convention, and then skedaddled back home, to the land of snow and fog, and muddy/icy tundra.

It was a good week. While training this year is different, only time will tell it that is good or bad (no kidding Einstein.) I enjoyed all my runs last week, I loved running away from home, and I am feeling surprised that next week (this week) is a cutback week because I am feeling well.

Weekly stats:
Miles run: 47.1 (that .1 is fucking KEY, people.)
Longest run: 19!! In 68 degrees! In magical bone flat Boston!
Other: Whoops, fail. 
Wildlife sightings: Scary swans. Geese, hundreds. Neighborhood dogs. 
Low/High temps: 11/69 (69 was in Boston, but it got to 56 here.)
How am I feeling? Like a piggy fat fat. I ate whole family box of cheese-its last week. UGH.
Beer of the week: Trillium Melcher Street. SO good.


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