Wednesday, February 22, 2017

STORMPOCALYPSEMAGEDDON! And week 7 of Boston training.

Week 7 was absolutely jam packed with SNOW.

While we had tricky winters in both 2014 and 2015 this one really has been a bit above and beyond. Especially after last winter, which was essentially non existent (score!)

Over the course of 5.5 days we got about 3.5 feet of snow. Maybe more. Who keeps count once it's over your head??

The roads were a hot mess (and after this pic was taken, the snowbanks doubled in size.)

This is NOTHING compared to what we have now
On Monday I was trying to make the best of it with a bit of fun.

Snowbank leaping

Stuck the landing. And, am actually stuck.
By Thursday I had officially had it. There was more snow then you could shake a stick at. (what does that even mean? I believe I could shake a damn stick at this snow!!)

WTF. Up to my shoulders.
Thankfully, the 16 inches that fell from Wednesday to Thursday was the last of it. There was NO MORE ROOM for the fucking mess, and we were all just plain tired of it. *I was actually getting a touch salty about the whole situation. My lesson schedule goes to bits with so many snow days, and I actually hate not working. I was *this close* to a mega winter tantrum...* Hence, the end of the every-other-day-foot-and-a-half-of-snow party was well timed.

On Sunday (just before I hosted a big clinic with my coach, who flew in from West Palm) ALL THE SNOW fell off the riding arena roof. This was good timing, because horses hate being in there when it falls (#certaindeath) but wow, WOW, what a metric fuck ton of snow!!!!

I can almost touch the roof!!!
Clearly, ALL the running was done on the treadmill which was FINE. What a good winter to have a nice, new, fancy indoor running device!

I had some great workouts last week, despite being sore from snow moving and very grumpy from cabin fever.

My long run was a highlight, and I ran 17 completely uneventful miles while enjoying the convenience of a warm basement, easily reachable snacks and the quality entertainment that Once always brings.

Long run. Complete.
In addition to a totally decent long run I was also pleased with my hill repeats and 1200's (probably the final 1200's before mile repeats make an appearance.)

Hopefully (but I'm not really counting on it) that was winter's last hustle.

I have been shockingly content to get my workouts in in an indoor setting. However, it is a bit comfy and cozy, which may or may not be the best marathon training conditions! Bottom line, for the past couple weeks indoor training has been the ONLY option, and it sure beats taking time off. I'm thankful to have the luxury of treadmill time.

So, this week (that we are right smack dab in, since this blog is late af) has some excitement planned as Eric and I head to Boston for the weekend. While we aren't traveling for running, running will occur while we are there. I love running in different places (and having a couple days off from work!) so I'm excited.

Weekly stats:
Miles run: 45
Longest run: 17, more treadmill time
Other: 1 strength workout, moving 35 fuck tons of snow.
Wildlife sightings: I think the wildlife ran away during the storm.
Low/High temps: 13/40. Plus like 987 FEET OF SNOW, YO.
How am I feeling? Hungry. The hungry feeling has returned. Perhaps I have a tapeworm.
Beer of the week: This is so stupid. Since I was STILL stuck home, no new beers were obtained. RUDE.


  1. Do you ever do striders in the riding arena for, you know, speed?

  2. I don't know how you all live in all that snow. I get pissy when we get flurries. Thankfully it's going to be over 70 today (snow tomorrow) so I'm going to enjoy my run in summer clothes today.

    1. 70 sounds amazing!! It certainly has been snowy... Some of winter is ok since 40 is my favorite running temp. 4 feet of snow, I could do without!