Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Boston Training Week 4, Poetry and Plans.

Somehow, week 4 is already over.
How is this possible?? (because, time marches on. It's not complicated.)

To solidify my position as the worst blogger EVER, I have nothing exciting to report.
I'm gonna have to start making shit up. (or not. boring is ok.)
The days are getting longer, and I am able to hit the roads most days after work as long as I don my Christmas light vest.  So that's exciting....??

Blinky flashey vest. Fashion.
Oh hang on, I can totally create some drama!!

Last Tuesday we had a yucky storm. About 4 inches of loose, icy granular snow piled up, and it was really hard to walk in (poor little ME!!!) At the end of the day, my calf and shin were pretty sore. Rather than attempt my workout, I took a rest day and iced and stretched as one should.

 I said to Eric "If I feel better tomorrow, I will make sure to be extra smug on the internet about "listening" to your body..... healing up... being the first person ever to take a rest day.."

I know everyone reads here for groundbreaking info.
I will now bring you a profound training suggestion this evening, in rhyme.


I seem to have recovered nicely, as I took my own sage advice.

While last week might not be the kind of thing that proves interesting for my readers, it was a meaningful week of training. Lots of little #gains, and (for sure) many #macros eaten.
I was pleased to have another mild week, and only to be stuck indoors one day. Win.
Oh, and we know where I get ALL my macros.

The usual way to get macros.
Perhaps the coming weeks will be more exciting?

Upcoming is the Mid Winter classic 10 miler. A "race" that I will be using 100% as a supported long run. I have not yet forgotten the miles, and miles and MILES of solo running prior to Hartford. I'm ready to enjoy running with company, and with people passing me little cups of water.
The MWC is often freezing, snowing, shitty. (and Eric has a cold, so it might be freezing, snowing, shitty, SICK??? WOOF.) It is a rolling course, and the race hosts a good number of very fast middle distance runners. Don't try to chase them. And don't try to bandit, or accidentally borrow your friend's bib. They frown on this.

In early March I am considering the Hampton Half, a race that falls at a perfect time to push the pace a bit, without worrying that you're cashing in your race chips too early. I haven't yet signed up though... I definitely wish for another supported long run (and theoretically, this will fall at the end of a major cut back week. Fresh legs!) I'm not sure why I am hemming and hawing, I love the race, the location, the beer.... Who knows. I'll decide soon. 

I plan to run (as in: I have signed up for) the Eastern States 20, in late March. I have completed this race twice, and it is a wonderful pre Boston workout. The challenge? I usually find myself peaking in fitness, and with such flat terrain it is hard to run easy. But, hard though it may be, it is possible. I find this race to be a great morale boost at a time where you might need a lift. It's bone flat, beautiful, you're usually running tired, and usually manage to hit some good paces.
(it's the opposite of the Derry 16, which will make you feel like an ass hat.)

I would not mind a late Feb half marathon to give me (another) run with other humans. I have yet to find a suitable possibility. Feel free to throw out suggestions. 

So there's my road map to Boston. Hopefully the weather cooperates and I manage to avoid the winter plagues that are marching around....

Weekly stats:
Miles run: 34, as planned.
Longest run: 13.
Other: Hmmm, not a great week here. One strength workout. Snow shoveling. Bleh.
Wildlife sightings: 36 turkeys, 2 piliated woodpeckers, 1 cow, 1 cat, your mom
Low/High temps: 22/43. For January? Mild AF.
How am I feeling? Like things are progressing as one would expect. There are few "surprises" in marathon training but it is nice to feel like the training is progressing as planned. One sore leg day. Smug day off.
Beer of the week: Old Stock 2016, super good. I think it would age beautifully, if only I could keep it long enough (that being said, I have an Old Stock 2010 in my fridge...)


  1. Come run "Warm Up Columbus (ohio)" with me! It's a 5k, 10k, 1/2, full marathon that's a one mile flat loop you do again and again and again. You always know where the aid station is and the weather is usually shitty too!

    1. Oh wow this sounds amazing(ly torturous!!!!)
      Once I ran an indoor track 13.1 and it was literally the best. aid station AND bathroom every quarter mile! so what I'm saying is that your race sounds fabulous :-)

  2. Thought there might be some drama as a bobcat escaped from the national zoo in Washington DC. Rest easy,however as she was caught a few days later.

    1. There was a bobcat pic on the front page of the Bridgton News last week. I was like "HAH! STAY in Bridgton!!!"