Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Eastern States 20, and week 12 wrap up.

Since The Eastern States 20 was the most interesting run of the week, I shall begin there.

This was my 3rd time participating in this race, and I continue feel that it is an excellent Boston lead up.

Despite some truly ominous weather predictions (sleet! freezing rain! 8-10 inches of snow!!) the day dawned clear and as mild as they get this year.

Not bad

Eric ran the 13.1, so we had to make the trip to New Hampshire early. We both boarded busses, mine taking me to Kittery and Eric's heading to Rye.

This was actually an ideal pre-Boston situation. Get up early to catch a bus, to a place where you wait around for hours, and then begin your run at 11:00! Sounds familiar.

Really fancy throwaway sweater from 2004
I must say, getting to the start early means NO potty line. After last years pee-behind-a-shed situation, this was rather nice.
Holy shit. No line for the shitters. 
The weather at the start was 35 and sunny, totally decent (and as good as it was going to get.)
(by the time I got to Mass, it was completely overcast and 29. Still not terrible but pretty chilly.)

Not bad

Oh did I mention that I had caught a cold? I was very much hoping that I would wake up on Sunday to find it gone (even though it had just shown up...) As luck would have it, Sunday was the worst day. I felt moderately junky, but since I had no fever and no cough I concluded that I simply must suck it up.

Heading to the start, the transition from warm air to cold caused my nose to SLAM the doors shut on air intake. This was not ideal. The first 3 miles of the race were just awful, I made the call to drop at the first aid station (mile 4) if things did not get better.

Things got better. So on I ran, once more able to breathe.

I took a nice picture. The weather was really nice for a while. Not too cold, not windy, nice and sunny. *so unusual for winter 2017*

It's actually only an ok picture... I was running. 

I stopped to pee at mile 7 because I have a tiny bladder.

Other than the first few horrible miles, nothing exciting happened at all. I did get some peanut M&M's from the mile 15 aid station, since peanut m&m's are delicious. That was pretty exciting.

I told Eric that my goal pace was 8:45, and my pace ended up being 8:38 which is CLOSE ENOUGH. I ran a negative split which makes me happy. My last mile was a 7:59 because I am an elite athlete (actually, it was because the weather had become much colder and I wanted to be done.)

As you can see, the weather went downhill...
Despite my slightly ill condition, I could have continued for 6 more miles at that pace (8:38's NOT 7:59's!)
My legs and stomach and everything felt just fine post race, and I was not even one bit sore because it is FLAT AS A PANCAKE there.
I was happy with the outcome, but more happy to get on a warm bus, and into a warmer ballroom and to have some warm soup!

Done, and happy!
Clearly, I did not run this race at the speedy clip that I did last year.

There are three reasons for my epic decline:
1: I am not as fit.
2: If I had seen numbers in the low 8's, I was going to rein it in. (I did not expect that to happen though.)
3: Sick, not feeling that super.

Mostly, reason 1 is the reason. And I give zero fucks. I'm actually in great shape and couldn't care less. I feel good about where I'm at, and not all races need to be PR races.

AND I had an amazing post race beer. Unfortunately, I have NO recollection of the exact name of this beer. But I had it at the Sebago Brewery in Scarborough, and it is a limited edition stout.

Backing up now, to the early part of the week.

It was cold and WINDY AF, and I ran bitch hills (my best bitch hill run of the cycle.)


I ran 3x2 mile repeats and it was COLD AND WINDY AF.
SO damn cold. STOP. 
I got awesome mail!!! My runners passport AND sweet crow singlet arrived!!

Overall, it was another very good week of training. The weather was, at times, jarringly cold and windy, as has been the theme lately.
Onward now, to the final week of big mileage.

Weekly stats: 
Miles run: 51.5
Longest run: 20
Other: THREE core/strength workouts. That should do the trick ;-)
Wildlife sightings: Seagulls, ducks, 1 cow, squirrels acting insane, 1 billion turkeys
Low/High temps: 11/45 (apparently there was one warm day. who knows when)
How am I feeling? I was feeling really solid, and then *boom* caught a cold
Beer of the week: The mystery stout from Sebago

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