Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 11: Higher mileage, lower temps.....

Basically, at the beginning of last week this is what we were all looking forward to.

The forecast was correct. We really got a good thrashing on Tuesday afternoon and night. A solid 20 inches of snow, and wind wind WIND.

It was, by far, the worst storm of the year. It wasn't all bad though, the power stayed on and the high winds and heavy snow certainly were exciting. Gotta make the best of it.

Remarkably, by Wednesday evening the roads were good enough to tackle the bitch hill. It was somewhat more snowy this week... And gloomy and freezing, and windy too! I threw in an extra lap of the bitch hill this week and it was cold af, but good training I AM SURE.

During the week the waves and corrals were announced for Boston. I feel like they released this info early this year, as it came as a nice surprise!
I ended up in wave 3 for the second year in a row, but I moved ups bit to corral 1.
I have never been in corral 1 before and I fear that the rest of the wave is going to plow me down....
I was 7 seconds off being placed in wave 2, a fact that was irksome until I concluded that a corral 1 start was pretty cool.
Fun fact: My best wave/corral placing came in 2013, with my slowest qualification time to date. A sign of the times I suppose, and the immense popularity of the Boston Marathon!

After the fun of getting some race details, it was back to work. (so that maybe wave 3, corrals 2-infinity do NOT blow past me before the first water stop!)

Clouds, and cold and wind 
The weather never really sorted out during the work week. Lots of high temps in the low 20's, ominous clouds and bone chilling winds. I headed out for 8 on Thursday, and despite it not being a "hill" day, it was still quite hilly.

Thursday views from the top of another common hill that I take pics of. Ominous. 
Somehow, I was able to get outdoors for every workout once again this week.
Yeah, the weather has not been great for me to enjoy my hobby in.
I'm getting it done, and it isn't that bad (other than the constant windburn.) I grouse about the weather (because I work outside, perhaps) but hey, I have a job to go to (outdoors...) a roof over my head, a great family, a hobby that truly is a luxury AND my health. So not really complaining.
....well, maybe a little..... ;-)

Long run day in some much better weather.
Also, my husband is hot. Hello. 
Saturday was a totally decent day. Possibly the best weather we have seen in 10-14 days. It was sunny, light breeze and 35, which felt like a miracle wrapped in an electric blanket.
This was ideal since it was long run day.
Eric joined me for the first 5 or so, and then I ran 13 more, solo.
It was a delightfully unremarkable run. Things went well, I only got chased by one dog, and I did NOT have to stop and poop on snowbanks (a huge win!)

I have been slacking BIG TIME on any kind of strength and cross training for the past few weeks and yes, I can feel it. My back and hips have not been as happy as they can be, and it is my job to take care of them. I shall be making a very focused effort to NOT suck at core strength work from here on out.

Sunday views from Thursday's hill. Much better 
Sunday's easy recovery run was done in more pleasant conditions. You know it's been a nasty time when 36 feels like summer. It was amazing.

I saw the ducks! Can you see them? Maybe not. 
I just love these ducks, they quack with unbridled glee when they see me (which is odd, I never give them anything....) But they are so cute. They can't wait to come to Duck Camp (which is an activity that only two readers will understand... :-))

Turkeys. Less cute.
There are also a crap ton of turkeys strutting around.
Right before I took this pic, 400 other turkeys *gracefully* took to the sky, and then tried to land on tree branches in the manner of hummingbirds.
ALL I could hear were the sounds of branches splintering, turkeys tumbling and exclaiming in horror.
They are not the most graceful of birds.

I also go chased twice by a dog named (wait for it) Vader.
You know, when you name a dog that, it's not going to end well.

And, of course, beer of the week
Foundation's Bedrock is a great beer, and a great choice if you want a really robust and slightly smokey porter. I am NOT always in the mood for anything with even a HINT of smoke, but on the day I drank this, I was. It hit the spot.
I'm still really enjoying my stash of Trillium's though, and am exploring the feasibility of picking up a few more during marathon weekend. Fingers crossed!

Weekly stats: 
Miles run: 50.3
Longest run: 18
Other: No other workouts at all... Unless shoveling snow counts. 
Wildlife sightings: 400 turkeys and a dozen ducks
Low/High temps: 11/37 Not a very warm week. Many days had a high in the low 20's 
How am I feeling? Still pretty hungry, happy that my stomach has been behaving, and sore because I read need to work on my core fitness. 
Beer of the week: Foundation Bedrock, a real winter beer since it really is still winter


  1. Wave 1! Look at you!!! I think shoveling snow counts as core and legs, so add that in!

    1. Wave 3!!! Corral 1 (I'll edit that to make it more clear, I don't imagine my speed will ever be impressive enough to make it to that first wave!)

  2. Best report yet
    Weather graphic: LOL
    Description of wild turkeys trying to land: LOL
    Chased by a dog named Vader: Are you making that up? Sounds too good to be true. :-)

    1. I can't believe it either, I heard the dog's mom call him and could not believe my ears. I confirmed it to be true the following day, when he charged out again, barking and frothing and what not.