Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 10: Time to woman the f**k up

The winter of 2017 has not been the easiest for training.
The weather has been wildly inconsistent. I spent more consecutive days on the treadmill than I ever have before. Two of my most recent long runs have been on very flat courses. Some runs in 68 degree temps. Some runs in 18 degree temps. Slushy roads. Dry roads. WIND. No wind (that is a LIE)

I am not sure how any of these things might affect me on race day (this is because I STILL can not see into the future.. gosh.) I feel like the dramatic changes of temp, conditions and the mental conditioning that treadmill running brings might help? Maybe? O
The other option is that all the craziness will actually not help at all. As you can see, I enjoy playing both sides of the coin.

But the bottom line is this. Boston is not flat. NOT flat. And my hill work has been pathetic.
Even after training the hell out of hills last year, I still felt pretty darn sore for the final 10k of the race. (which is absurd, I was by FAR the best trained that I have ever been!!!) (so yeah, I have a little bit of fear that I might be limping along for much longer this year. crap!!)

I decided that the past week of training would be spent running routes that aren't cushy, easy, or even fun. Time to woman up. Time for training to feel inconvenient.

I had a few easy miles planned for Monday, and then shit got real.

I ran 3x2 mile repeats on Tuesday. It was 33, raining, and generally gross out. I concluded that the conditions were perfect for building character so out I went.

I was quite apprehensive of this workout, as I am not feeling as sharp or fit as I (think) I should at this point. Honestly, I was insecure about my ability to even complete the repeats.
My worry was unfounded, as I did well (running each rep at better than MP)
I did take a nasty tumble in the slush in the middle of my final repeat. I went to make the turnaround, hit ice, my legs flew out from under me and I smashed down into a giant puddle. Slush in my shoes, in my coat, and all over my pants.... Of course, there was traffic and the local people saw me eat shit.

I am much more soggy than I appear to be. 
Thursday was a run more or less at base pace, hitting some rolling hills.
It was reasonably comfortable, and hillier than a treadmill....

Mud AND snow. Winter is bi-polar.
Friday morning was Beach to Beacon registration. As a general rule, I avoid B2B. It is hard to register for, it is a pain in the butt to get to and to park at, it is crowded, and it is always hot and humid. For whatever reason, I decided that I MUST RUN this year, so Eric and I were on our computers at 6:59 waiting to register. The process seemed pretty glitchy, with a lot of waiting but in the end it worked out and both of us got in.
Right now, I am excited.
In August, I might not be (kidding, I actually will be!)

Friday was also my long run....
I wasn't psyched about the timing, as my previous long had only been 5 days earlier.
There wasn't much of a damn choice though....

Normal long run day not looking so good
I wasn't originally planning to run an extremely challenging route. Plans changed a bit when I reached the top of the first hill and realized that it was most definitely snowing over in the direction I had planned to go in. Small route change: much less snow but over 1,000 feet of climbing.
This lady is not really in shape for such things....
I was quite tired after this excursion. It was pretty successful though, with only a minute of stopped time (gotta use the great outdoor bathroom....) It was NOT an easy route, and was a significant uptick from all of my long runs this year.

Hills, anyone?
When Saturday rolled around and was actually the most miserable day of the winter I was thankful that my long run was done. I just can't manage running in such dreadful conditions....

So, as planned, Saturday was a rest day and we celebrated Eric (and Andy's) birthday! We had a wonderful family and friends get together, and it was nice to celebrate with many of my favorite people.
(It was also 0 degrees with -39 windchill.... fml)

All the best peeps!
Sunday brought about a nice little run over the bitch hill.

Kind of snow drifty up in here 
Any by "nice little run" I mean "freezing DEATH march" in 17 degrees and 20 MPH wind. WHY?
Ugh. I honestly considered calling Eric to pick me up at mile 1.2 because I had frozen solid and was waiting for death to come and stop the pain.
At that point, the wind eased up a bit and I did my best to staunch my flow of tears and woman the f**k up.
(which I am now sick of. I have womaned up enough. girlfriend needs some 40 degree temps.)

But looking to next week... I see more bogus weather. JEEZES.
I may never run outdoors again...

Oh good. Super. A fuck ton of snow.

Whatever. I'll just sit inside and drink beer. When all else fails.... Beer.

Weekly stats: 
Miles run: 45.5
Longest run: 17 over mountains. 
Other: One strength workout. More would be better. 
Wildlife sightings: Turkeys and one Robin, who is clearly on drugs
Low/High temps: -3 with -39 windchill. My brain froze and I have no idea what the high temp was. 
How am I feeling? Hungry. The hungriest definitely made an appearance this week. 
Beer of the week: Sebago Barleywine- I think it makes an appearance on the blog every year



  1. Well, you haven't frozen to death yet. I'm thinking that you'll be absolutely stellar at Boston! It's been one eff'd up winter and I've spent more time on the tm than ever. I'm actually getting sick of it but there's no way I'm going out in the wind/snow longer than I have to. I've been following your training and watching Ward and Wade's training and all of you are busting ass and things will pay off next month! And I'm not running so it won't rain. :)

    1. Awww, thank you! What a messy winter, right? I'm over it!
      I'm excited to see Ward and Wade kick some Boston butt as usual. As for me, this might not be a super fast year (who knows!) but I'm very excited and plan to have fun! (and maybe stay dry since you aren't coming :-))