Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Boston Marathon Training Week 9: A cutback week

Last week was a cutback week before the final push towards Marathon Day.

Hopefully, this week was well timed and enables me to work hard and not crumple into a little ball of hate during the next few weeks.

During Hartford's training cycle last Summer, I botched it and my lazy week fell on week 3 of training. This was HORRIBLE! I should have just said "screw it" and taken another low mileage week later in training, but I did not, because I am an idiot. It is unfortunate that I did not adequately blog about my Hartford training.... The last several weeks were such a delightful dumpster fire, and my words now can do them no justice. (I kept on rolling but man, did I ever feel like junk.)

Live and learn, yo... And this is a whole new training cycle THANK THE LAWD.

I hope to have a good, solid run in Boston. "No kidding" cries the internet! Clearly, I am not hoping to train all winter and have a horrific outcome.
That being said, as I enter the "big" training weeks I'm planning to be more mindful of how I'm feeling than I was last fall. I am pleased that I met my goals in Hartford last year, but I don't wish to feel that crappy again. I had a lot (A LOT) of GI issues in the weeks leading to the race (says the woman who can have GI issues by looking at milk the wrong way...) Post race recovery time was not too bad for my legs, but all my other systems were exhausted. I'm not an elite runner, and while I honestly love a tough training cycle it is not worth making health sacrifices for.
So onward and upward.

Last week. Little workouts, but meaningful ones.

The week started off nice and warm. I ran a few tempo miles, and 1200's on the treadmill (which were rather uninspired, if we are being honest. I ran them after two consecutive rest days and my legs were hesitant to get with the program.)

Then.... It got fucking stupid cold out.

I did not approve
I made a journey over the bitch hill, and it was cold.
But the snowbanks were wayyyyy smaller.

I can easily see over the snowbank!!

The week wrapped up with some silly little indoor easy run.
And then a decent MP run (if MP is 8:15's which is yet to be decided) in Hampton.

35 miles for the week, and hopefully I now continue on with fresh legs, a happy belly and a well balanced and zen like mind. HAH.
If none of those things happen, at least I have good beer....

This is one great DIPA

Weekly stats: 
Miles run: 35
Longest run: 15! In 0 degree windchill! In bogus bone flat Hampton!!
Other: ONE strength workout, which is one more than zero, thanks.
Wildlife sightings: Literally nothing. Maybe one squirrel.
Low/High temps: 6/50. Yes, it is insane. 
How am I feeling? Great right now, an easy week will do that :-)
Beer of the week: Trillium Mettle. One of the best. 


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