Thursday, March 21, 2013

An exciting Summer in the works!

Just a quickie today!
On March 1st I decided to enter the very unique selection process for the Great Cranberry Island Ultra (yes, I said Ultra. Yes, I have claimed on SEVERAL occasions to have zero plans to run even a step over 26.2. WHOOPS.)
The process was right up my alley. You put in all the normal info and then answer, in 250 words or less a creative variety of questions. Having no idea what they were actually looking for, I plugged in the first things to pop into my head. And if you know me, you know that could have been a risky move! In the end it paid off, as I made the final cut.
I keep telling myself that this is a GOOD THING, hahaha...
I'm not gonna lie, I am very excited about this race and think it's going to be a pretty awesome mid summer adventure. Also, they claim it is the Best Race Ever- since we ALL know MDI holds that title I very much look forward to having GCI prove me wrong! Can't wait...

I'm actually VERY psyched!

On the same day that GCI announced the lucky 2013 runners Beach To Beacon registration opened as well. After running this race for the past 2 years (and getting in thru the lottery both times) I have mixed feelings. It is a great race, you see a lot of elites, it's a big deal! It is also kind of a clusterfuck. But, it's one a a very few 10K's in Maine and is a helluva good way to see ALL your running friends in one place.
And did I mention that it's 8 days after GCI? Shit.

Silly Race!

At 7:00 AM sharp Eric, Kate (my sister) and I were sitting at our computers hitting "refresh" and knowing that my BFF Angie and Eric's sister (and 6,000 others) were doing the same. Total system overload! With the exception of poor Kate we all had luck- and we are confident that she will get in via lottery. The plan is to wear cute matching outfits (you hear that Eric?) and to make it a social event not a sprint to the finish. It should be a lot of fun!

Needless to say, at the end of the day the calendar was looking even more full and my wallet even more empty. I need to get another job just to pay for my hobby, Hah!


  1. so funny that so many of us were all doing the same thing that morning! lol well, I wasn't doing the cranberry application, but I did get in to b2b.... Hope to see you at b2b.

  2. Congrats on getting into these two races! Bummer about Kate, hopefully she gets in through the lottery. I'm hoping to get in through the lottery as well! Not looking forward to the clusterfuck, but feel I can't call myself a legit runner until I complete this 10K.

  3. Holy crap! Congrats on the 50K. That looks like it will not only be a challenge, but memorable as hell. I'm sure Maine is a beautiful place to run. Run the whole state, dammit!

  4. If you and Eric do cute matching outfits - maybe Ward and I need to. Tutus? So, I'm thinking I'll be walking B2B....or crawling. Or maybe I'll hitch a ride on the Lighthouse guy. He'll never know. Right?

    1. One of the girls in my spin class went on a date with Lighthouse guy which I thought was pretty fantastic. The poor man- he's always gonna be known as "the lighthouse guy" or "the running moose" hahaha!

  5. We need a world where entering races doesn't begin with racing on the computer! ; )

    Sounds like an awesome event!

  6. Is there a post about the lighthouse guy in the future? In college there was a guy we always called the guy in the blue puffy jacket. Eventually met him but can't remember his real name.
    You'll rock in the ultra.

  7. So exciting! I really would like to run Beach to Beacon, but I didn't even try to get in this year. Maybe next year!

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