Monday, March 18, 2013

Dumb Lady Issues: In which I want to barf...

Being that I am a big tough runner, and not a shrinking violet who has "spells" it really infuriates me that every time I'm on my damn period running kicks my ASS.
(oh sorry male readers. if you can't deal with this stuff stop reading. or grow a set and remember you could probably never cope with being a woman!!)
 I have no issues getting thru my every day life during this super fun time, and compared to the stories I hear of days and days of screaming pain cramps and what not I feel fairly lucky. Until I lace up my kicks and head for the door to run, that is.....

I am a clever lady and manipulate my birth control so that (usually) the Evil Woman Time does not fall on race day (look back to the All Women's Half and The Derry 16 miler to see what happens if I don't!)
So what's my deal?
I'm not about to wimp out of my regularly scheduled workouts and I try not to over think how much they are going to suck. I hydrate, pop a couple advil and chase them with a couple pepto (and chase THAT with a friggin' shot of Jameson- I kid, I kid..) have a bland snack and go for it.
And my stomach REBELS. BIG TIME.

This has occurred to me.

I am lucky to only suffer from these unreasonable GI issues when it is Angry Ovary time but WTF?
Yesterday is a prime example. I went off on my merry way to tackle a progressive tempo run (knowing that it would be tough, but I REALLY wanted to try to get it done!) I had to ease into the workout as right from the get go my belly got all hiccup-y and bouncy (gross). I DID manage to speed it up- to the slower end of what I know I can do but still in the range of acceptable. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being walking, 10 being balls to the walls) I'd rate it as an honest 7- but it felt like a 10. On a better day I would have liked to make this workout a 9, obviously but I just couldn't pull it off. As soon as I finished I started getting super nauseated and the sick feeling lasted for a couple hours. I try to eat crackers, sip gingerale, whatever- and can't usually find any relief. IT IS STRAIGHT UP GROSS. I did avoid the dry heaves of doom, but honestly- that wouldn't have made it any worse.
So ladies of the internets. Are we all just suffering together? Is running at THAT EFFING TIME just the worst for everyone? Or am I alone in my misery? Dudes, I AM SO OVER IT!
Any advice, or just general bitching is encouraged. :-)


  1. I avoid running the first day or 2 of my period because the flow is super heavy and gross. And I don't want to end up looking like Uta Pippig :) I don't normally get any tummy problems but I used to have to take an iron pill to keep from passing out. Have you tried that? I am not Dr so I really have no idea what I am talking about, but it did help me feel better :)

  2. I guess I've been fortunate. I don't feel that bad running during that time of the month. My running partner complains a lot though. I guess it's different for everyone.

  3. Other than my sports bras feeling a little tigher I don't usually have any time of the month running related problemsm, luckily. PS. That Satanic rams head graphic is one of the best things ever! Haha!

  4. I don't know really. I haven't had a period since I started running. Hell, I haven't had a period in, ummmm.... almost 9 years. the IUD is like magic. No period, not pregnant and not fixed. It is woman utopia.

    But I don't remember it bothering me when I exercised prior. Often, it made me feel better.

    Sorry about the no help....

  5. haha nice comment michelle.... i havent had any problems in the last 7 months ;) dont take my getting knocked up plan as your soloution, seeing as how i cant even run any more. sadly i never had any problems when i did get my period though, so sorry. ive heard the IUD is great but i dont mind getting my period every month (save money on pregnancy tests haha)

    1. I got my period when I had my IUD. The stupid thing also burrowed it's way through my uterus and was floating around my body and had to be surgically removed. So yeah that was cool :)

  6. I don't usually have a rough time, but yesterday on my long run (day 2 of my period) I had stomach problems, low energy, and when I saw my husband after my run I burst into tears and was hysterical for 5 minutes! I was glad to see this post today. :)

  7. I always mess w/my birth control pills to make sure I never have my period on a race day. So far, so good. I will say I do try and run when I have Auntie Flow cause I know it will make me feel better even when I feel like crap. I have lower GI issues every time I get my period for the first few days. I hate it. That's just the way my body is, so I usually wait it out or cut my run short if I feel like things may happen that are only reserved for a bathroom.

  8. Ugh, it sucks doesn't it? I don't usually feel nauseous when I'm on my period, but I do have GI issues. Usually I'm able to make it through my scheduled runs but other times I just count running to the bathroom as part of my mileage haha.

    I nominated you for a Liebster award (a bit cheesy, I know). Check it out!