Thursday, March 7, 2013

January and February Recap! LATE....

I am indeed a bit late on this recap but late is better than never.
Hmmmm let's see...

Number of miles run as of March 1- 310
Number of races run- 3 (and only 2 of those actually "raced")
Number of times I stayed up past 9PM- 2. And paid for it both times...
Number of times I blew off workouts due to said shenanigans- 2
(and we all know that I never blow off workouts... oh well it was only 5 days post marathon...)
Number of shoes worn out in 2013- 1

Number of times I puked on those shoes.
One. Not Bad.
There's that overly happy guy again. *sigh*

Number of times, bizarrely, that I ran in shorts OUTSIDE. In MAINE- 1
Longest Training run- 21 miles. And doing it at a 10 mile race was a damn good call.

Number of times this could have happened if my shower was upstairs.

Longest run- 26.2 shittttttt yo....

Number of PR's- 1 (at Derry, despite the fact I swore NEVER to run faster than I did in '12)
Number of BQ's for 2013- Z-E-R-O. F-A-I-L!!! Oops...

Number of times that I was invited to Yoga and went- ONE
(more on this later)

Number of times I have had to bail on Spin Class because the weather sucks hairy balls- 3, at least. Maybe 4. Bullshit.

Number of iPods destroyed/lost/or other, requiring replacement... 1 UGH.
Number of times I have quit running- 2 (SOLID!!! I usually quit daily in the winter!)

Number of times I have had to change my long-run-day due to incredibly shit-tastic weather- 4 
(so 50% of the time is what this tells us... holy craopla winter...)
Anyway. A pretty good start to the 2013 season. I have been less than stellar at blogging lately but promise more tales of epic Boston training soon! (really, my last 10 days have mostly been recovering from Hyannis so not particularly fun to read about.)


  1. Great start to 2013! Keep up the good work!

    I also ran in shorts a few times this winter, odd for Western New York.

  2. you rock. despite what you say.

  3. 310 miles in two months?!?!? you're on fire!!

  4. Cool post. Time for this winter weather to be gone, although I can't complain that much compared to the weather you have had to deal with!