Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adventures and the Final Countdown To BOSTON!

So yes, I have in fact been completely out of the blogosphere for the past couple weeks. I had imagined with Boston looming on the horizon that I would have a ton to say (even more than normal!) But no, that has not been the case. 
So what's been going on?? 

I have been looking at a lot of TALLLLLL buildings!
Eric, Eric's Mah and I went to NJ to see 1,745 of their family members, eat Easter food, and go to  New York! I have never actually been to the city before (I know, I know, so sheltered) so this was a big exciting deal for me. 

My one request was to see the Intrepid. Yeah, I'm cool like that.

Anyway, we had a super good time. We saw ALL the things, walked about a half marathon (no lie) and  really enjoyed the whole time. So fun! I always enjoy a good adventure and was so excited to learn how to shove my way thru Manhattan foot traffic, eat pretzels from street vendors that taste like they have been dragged behind a taxi cab, check out the big piano at FAO Schwarz and figure out what restaurant to go to with 2 vegetarians, 3 people celebrating passover and me. HAH! 

We did manage to run a little during this weekend but it was far from successful. However, I really didn't care as overall my running has been pretty decent.

With less than 2 weeks to go I'm feeling pretty good about everything despite my absolute blogging silence. Technically I am tapering (last Thursday was my last long run, of 19.) I have a few solid looking workouts to go which makes me happy because 2 weeks of "exceedingly easy" runs and I just do not get along. 

So why on earth have I not been blogging daily with my progress reports? I am not entirely sure other than I'm focusing so much energy on preparing that I don't have a lot left over to talk about it. TERRIBLE BLOGGING OMG SO BAD. 

So here is a quick update:

I have had a number of runs that have felt pretty great. After Hyannis I discovered, not shockingly, that my hill endurance had gone to shit. I trained for Hyannis to be flat (which it mostly was) and sought out the few flat roads around here to do the vast majority of my workouts on. I am not going to lie, the hills are still pretty tough. I have run EVERY hill between here and the next county so my effort has been high- but my hill confidence is still not where it can be. I have had some fantastic tempo runs and mile repeats. I have not had any long runs that are total shit. I also have not had any long runs that have felt good, HAH THAT'S awesome...!  My hope is that the good feeling long run will happen at the right time, if you know what I mean! I'd rather not waste it in training after all... I have been doing core work like a boss, yoga, wearing compression, drinking all the water (and all the Scratch) (and some beer) (occasional glass of wine), eating healthy (well, I DID go to M&M world but whatevs...) going to bed early (mostly) and being a responsible adult (what....????) 
It's all just a wait now, and for the next 11 days I'm gonna do my workouts, stay cool and not stress. I plan to run a kickass race. I also plan to enjoy the whole experience because this is something that most people don't get to do. I'm very happy that most of my family is going to get to spend some part of the weekend with me (we have activities planned, it will be freaking legendary.) So yeah, it's the final countdown y'all and my goal in life is to stay cool, not sweat the small stuff and toe that damn line ready to have a pretty fabulous race. We'll see how my plan works out!


  1. Wow-I can feel your excitement and positive attitude through my computer! I am so excited for April 15 just so I can read everyone's awesome re-caps (well, maybe on the 16th or 17th, really). GOOD LUCK!

  2. You are incredibly zen about this right now. You are right, you've done all of the hard work - so now is the time to rest. You are ready for a fabulous race! I just hope I get to see you! You'll be wearing your crow shirt, right?

  3. I LOVE New York City! I especially love walking a half marathon or more in NYC. I really really love Central Park. You wouldn't know I live in the country and have much green and many trees around me. I need a NYC fix. Now!

  4. I am so excited for you! Don't stress about the blogging ... I consistently fall off the wagon. You've got something super awesome coming up and your attitude about the race is focused and confident. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. How exciting!!! Naturally blogging falls to the wayside when you are preparing for a huge race like Boston! :) WOOHOO!! 2 weeks!! (less than) :)

  6. The final countdown! WoooHoooo!!

  7. Sounds like you are very prepared! I have just started adding some hills to my Boston training, better late than never, right?!

  8. You are ready for Boston!!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time in NYC, it's a great city! Whenever we go we always see something new, I love it! Can't wait until my 60K in November, although I probably won't feel like doing much after that haha.