Monday, April 8, 2013

March Recap, LATE and ONE WEEK until Boston!

So I'm late on the recap, per the norm.
Hmmmm March. What the hell happened?
Miles run: 165. I'm surprised it isn't higher. Well, I was kinda recovering from Hyannis the 1st week so I think that explains it.
Hours of cross training done: I can't figure out how to find that in my dailymile. I can take an educated guess though.... Between yoga, core and a tiny bit of Spin probably close to 20 hours. It keeps me busy, no time to do normal people things, or clean obviously....
Which is why I have this guy, duh...

Number of times I puked on my shoes- ZERO! Miracle...
Number of times I quit running- Once but it was after I fell in the damn snowcovered stream. Legit.
Number or races run- ZERO Anyone who has followed my blog knows that this is extremely rare and unusual. In the name of not overtraining/over racing I put all competitive running on hold until after Boston. It wasn't as hard as you would think, all I had to do was remember my months of shitty shin splint pain last year and that was enough to rein me in.
Number of treadmill runs- NONE! TAKE THAT!!!!
Longest training run- 19
Number of nightmares I've had about Heartbreak Hill- One million billion
This shit is in my damn head!
Number of colds I have caught 7 days out from a big race- 1. Yeah, I'm coming down with some sniffly bug. Hope it goes away pronto!


With one week to go I'm feeling fine. A little sick but fine. Legs have been decent (which is amazing for taper time) and despite my random Heartbreak Hill nightmares I feel well adjusted.
Sure, I wish I had about 6,000 more years to get my hill work in but I've really gone above and beyond- hitting every hill in town. Making sure that every single long run had a monster climb in the last couple miles. Even my easy runs have a seriously punishing hill at the end. My endurance still isn't where I'd like it to be, but in reality Id also like to be a 3:08 marathoner and THAT isn't gonna happen either! So it's all good. The forecast looks acceptable and with only a few more workouts to put in I'm feeling as ready as I can be. Bring it on, Boston!


  1. wooohoooo!!!! one more week!!!!

  2. You did great in March! I know on Dailymile you can have it filter between time for different activities, but it doesn't do everything.

    I hope you feel better and you're going to do great at Boston!

  3. One more week!!!! woohoo!!! So exciting!! You are going to tear up Heartbreak Hill!!! :) You've got this!! I hope your cold goes away quickly!! :)

  4. I'm just wondering why you have a picture of my boyfriend on your blog.

  5. Woohoo!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you (and jealous). Now, if you just find Ward and stay on his shoulder - you'll be a 3:05 marathoner. No sweat for you! :)

  6. Ugh for colds! I have one too and it is NOT fun. I am trying to be realistic about my expectations. I'll be looking for you!!

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  8. ug... hope you are OK. Was hoping there would be good news but instead there is some insane spam in the previous message.

  9. I hope you are ok! Stay safe, please!