Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston Marathon, mostly in pictures.

Prior to last Monday I had some epic blog shit planned for post Boston. Multiple posts, hundreds of pics (which I have!) serious details of all the shenanigans (of which there were many!)
After last Monday I almost decided to say screw it and not blog at all, since there is a big part of that day that I'd prefer to forget forever......
But.... There was a big part of the day that was awesome. Not to mention that you only get one "First Boston..."
I decided to meet myself in the middle and do a teeny tiny recap.
My first look at the finish line on Saturday!
We then ventured to the expo which was PACKED...
I need to remember NOT to go at Noon on Saturday next year!!

My family (and internet friends!) made a group of 16 at the (winning) Sox game!
It was a cold but awesome Sunday.
This was my first game where I drank exactly zero beers and ate zero fried dough...

Apparently I am smaller than I think I am!!
6:30 AM bus line stretched for miles but they load you right the eff up.
The Boston Marathon is a well oiled machine!!!

Just a little interlude here. After my epic nerves pre Hyannis I decided to chill the hell out. I was totally cool. No nerves at ALL. I really prepped myself to be all "It's just another race. No big deal. Be cool..." And I really was. For 3 hours at athletes village I popped a squat on a cardboard box all homeless person style, wrapped my huge sweatshirt around my body and legit zoned out.
Luckily I tuned back in early enough to stand in a 30 minute porta potty line and make friends with some really fantastic people.

15K Going strong!
15K is a point in the race where I tend to get grumpy...I always feel like that is a solid number of miles and that I maybe should be done? HAH! Good luck with that...

Showboating in Natick!
It was at this point in the race that I started to feel good.
I had been running really well, but the crowds got HUGE here and my legs felt terrific.

ANOTHER side note. I cruised thru the 1/2 in about 1:42 and felt very very good about that. I was having to slow down to grab hydration- it was pretty warm compared to what I'm used to but a beautiful day. I was so happy that my Dad was at mile 18.5 with snacks and my bottle of Scratch. He jumped onto the course and ran for a bit, passed me my stuff, was happy that I was ahead of schedule and then gave up and decided not to bandit. Hahaha. Go my Dad!!
I did slow down up the hills but had NO idea I was climbing heartbreak until I saw the giant, chalk heart at the top. My freaking hill training paid off BIG TIME! I was tired but knew I still had some gas in the tank. All the crazy drunk boys yelling "run bird girl" "marry me bird girl" at BC were quite motivating and helped me get my pace back down into the low 8's. And sorry boys, this bird girl is taken!!
And thanks to Crow Athletics for asking me to be on their team here at Boston- I looked for other crows but they are hard to find in big crowds! (I saw some real crows... but no human ones, haha!)

Getting into the final stretch!
At this point I knew I was going to PR but I really wanted to try to push for the finish.
I tend to fall apart in the last 10K, but this time I cranked it the hell up!

Pushing thru the last mile or so.
Kicking ass.

A HUGE pack of my family was at the Pour House very close to the finish.
I still had the energy to show off for them!
And I WAS SO HAPPY to see them there!!

Flying :-)
And in the last few feet none the less.
Crossed the line in 3:31:42. Solid PR and decent BQ.
I WAS PUMPED. And sunburned. Old sunscreen FAIL.

I'm gonna end the story here.
We all know what happened in the next few hours and days....
It makes you feel lucky for what you have, and I have a LOT to be thankful for!


  1. I'm so happy the race part (and the ring part) went so well. The race pics are nothing short of A.W.E.S.O.M.E! That close-up one on the last are seriously a badass runner looking all professional and such!

  2. I am glad you did not say yes to one of those BC boys before *I* had a chance to ask you! ;-)

  3. I LOVE that close up photo of you looking all badass. Buy it and frame it. Seriously. It's awesome.

    congratulations on so many counts--great time, engagement and finishing. :)

  4. I'm glad you had a good experience. You know, until things got gross. But before that sounds like it was everything you could have wanted and more!

  5. Aw, this is just the cutest, happiest recap ever! Go ahead and enjoy the day that was YOUR day and feel bad for the other events but the rest of this is just so happy. You do take good race photos; mine are always disastrous.

  6. I love that last picture. I'm glad you did a recap as it was a day of many emotions beginning with some great ones. You had an awesome time! Woot Woot!

  7. Absolutely Amazing! You look fantastic! Congrats on a great race and your engagement!

  8. I'm glad you did this recap because I have been dying to know how it went for you! Apparently, awesome!!! Again, congratulations on the PR and the engagement! :-)

  9. Congratulations on....EVERYTHING!!! What a phenomenal day for you :) You certainly are bad ass. Wow!

  10. Congratulations!! What a wonderful race and so much to be thankful for indeed! :)

  11. I'm glad you shared some of your experience! Congratulations on everything, the BQ, the great race, the engagement :)

  12. hehe love that they called you bird girl :) awesome, for so many reasons!

  13. I love this. I am so happy you had a good race. I think it is great to share the happy moments of that day. You deserve to have you good memories. So many were robbed of the finish I am glad you were not one of them

  14. So very happy for you. I am so so so glad Boston went well and you accomplished your goal. Remember the wonderful times of that day--they are yours to keep and cherish.

    You are an inspiration!! And so darn little--geez, I feel like a giant at 5'4".

  15. wow.. what a great story- lucky you are fast. completely bad that some people caused disaster, but actually good to remember that MOST runners and even most spectators were OK. congrats on everything.

  16. Awesome story girl!!!! So happy for you and Eric.

    1. would you mind coming up to Sugarloaf to pace me? I need someone speedy to motivate me.

    2. I could be talked into that :-)