Friday, May 3, 2013

April Recap!

I can NOT BELIEVE it is already MAY!!!
Time for an April recap, only a few days late this time!

Miles run: 118 Gotta love a zero week!

Hours of cross training- Hmmm. 10 I'd guess.  see next question... 

Number of disgusting colds caught- 2 This legit kept me out of Yoga for almost a month. Trying hard not to spread the germs... Really cut down on the cross training hours!

Number of times I puked on my shoes- ZERO! AGAIN!!!!!

Number of times I quit running- ZERO!!! first time ever for realz.

Number of teeny tiny xs girl bikes gifted to me by my exclusive dating fiance partner.
Hang on. What? Shit what should we call each other?!?!
Anyway! One. And I love her. Time to cross train like a BOSS!!

Number of races run: ONE and it was BOSTON so a BIGGIE.
Number of PR's: One, thankfully and fabulously
Number of BQ's: One, again thankfully. fingers crossed for 2014 as this is gonna be "the" race for sure.
Number of times I have reached mile 24 in a Marathon and idiotically thought "I think I want to kick some ass at GCI!!!" Um.... One. One time and never again I bet!!

What have I been doing since Boston?
Well. This.
I mean, we work and work out A LOT too.
But seriously, When you're with a fabulous sexy boy (or girl!) take time to sip champagne!

(this is my way of saying to stop and enjoy what you have right now kids. #sappy)
I leave this blog post today on a mysterious note.
Since I have had a couple of weeks to recover from high mileage and relax (somewhat) what kind of trouble do you think I'm going to get into next? Knowing me he way that most of you do it has become apparent that I have been making a lot of good choices lately and staying out of trouble! I'm not out setting PR's every week like last year (or overtraining like an idiot but whatever...) However, one can only live on good choices, order and decorum for so long before a questionable choice or two needs to me made.. Stay tuned!! 


  1. Your April recap reflects a very well behaved runner-girl. Hmmm, I'm quite intrigued w/ what you've got up your running sleeve!

    1. I have a feeling it may have something to do with that beauty of a bike!

  2. A bike! A bike! Love the pretty blue bike! Post about any rides you take please so I can vicariously ride in Maine with you!

  3. Nice Bike! I'm thinking a tri is in your future?

  4. With a bike, the next logical step seems to be a tri...

  5. I'm thinking a tri is the only logical step. Unless you decide to train for a 50 miler or something crazy like that. Yep. Could see you doing that, too.

  6. I love Danielle's comment above mine, haha! But yeah, I think you signed up for an ironman. I mean, why not, right??