Friday, April 5, 2013

Reginald Doodie, reporting for duty!!

While some of you might consider this to be an irregular blog post for a Friday morning rest assured that it's a solid effort on my part. Hehheh.
My blog is the best. You stumble across it and might be lucky enough to read about period issues, or, like today you might be lucky enough to meet my friend Reginald Doodie.
Yeah. Reginald Doodie. 

I wish I knew the exact details of how he came to life but I know it was due to a wine fueled bed time chat that my sister Kate and cousin Jen had. Needless to say, in true family fashion it immediately took on a life if its own and is now a true legend. I can accept no responsibility for inventing him, but I have embraced the bigger-than-life-force that he has become.... *normal* *not*

Some facts about our friend Reg:
-He is a soldier, Reginald Doodie reports for duty daily. Hopefully before you head out to run...
-A few things make him VERY angry. Jalapenos and gas station coffee come to mind...
-He takes FULL advantage of the GI bill. DUH. 
-Partying makes him a little loose, gotta keep an eye on that...
-If he had a ship he'd spend most of his time on the poop deck....

Dudes, the jokes are endless. ENDLESS.

Kate told me that he was a soldier with one of those twisty mustaches, which I didn't think were too common in this day and age. Little did I know that almost immediately after thinking that stupid thought two exciting things would happen!!

This is Reginald Doodie. On a beer bottle of all things!
I was so excited to find this.

Kate took a pic and instantly sent it to ALL our cousins.Kate and I have been known to text each other after evenings of questionable eating/drinking with "ohhhhhh Reggie...." We both know what this means and have sympathy for the other persons challenges.

This is Reggie in real life.
He works in a bar which made me nervous about the drinks!!
I was so excited to find him... As you can see!
(now leave me alone, Reg!)

Is it strange that we all now refer to our various GI issues by name? No.
And admit it runners, we have ALL had our issues with Reg and his GI bill... You are not a real runner until you have come back from a workout with only one sock (it happens...)
When Eric and I run together he has been known to casually ask "So... How's Reggie?" as though he were inquiring about a random Uncle perhaps and not checking to see if I need to find a porta potti! Nothing, I mean NOTHING says epic runner romance like THAT, let me tell you!
I would like to make a request to Reggie at this time. Please leave me alone when I'm at mile 7 of a 9 mile tempo run. Please do NOT show up angrily when I'm doing track repeats. And good God, please don't show up when I'm at mile 22 of the Boston Marathon with absolutely NO time to deal with you.
Got it Reginald? In return I will avoid ice cream, lentils, and the previously mentioned gas station coffee.
I refuse to let these issues take a big giant Reg on my marathon day so rest assured that I will be hitting up the pepto like it's going out of style...
And THAT my friends is the myth of Reginald Doodie. May he leave you at peace while you run, or are on a first date, or a long car trip.


  1. HAHAHA!! This is a GREAT post!! Seriously, all runners know (and have experienced) this! Hopefully Reggie behaves during Boston!

  2. Aha! I've always wondered who this mysterious villain is that attacks at the most inopportune moments. I know thee now, Reginald Doodie!

  3. Ha! love this! My husband, a non-runner, thinks it's absurd how much me and my running friends talk about Reggie and his GI bill. He just doesn't get it. So nice to see other do.

  4. My coach always said that when you are at the marathon starting line, you should have sparks coming out your ass. Stand aside Reggie, and let the sparks fly!