Saturday, January 21, 2012

In which I show you how to dress for success!

It has been a hard week to stay at my fighting weight. Between the mileage, the snow shoveling and having a tiny nervous feeling about Sunday's race I was a bit off my food...
I tried to rectify this disaster by having a whole loaf of bread, freshly baked (NOT by me!) with beer and currants. Hot damn, if that wasn't fricking delicious!

It gets cold here sometimes and I work outside allllll day which is just fabulous when it is 10 degrees. So, I dress for success, as you can see in the picture below. Lookin' good, good lookin'!

I don't feel that the above photo does justice to what I have on. Here it is: hat, scarf, sexy socks. Three pairs of pants (three! for reeeelz!) thermal, fleece, vest. And a dirty pink coat which I put on post photo op. And no, I don't go commando in the barn but I'm not about to show y'all my knickers... Come on! Looks like I must carry around about 20 pounds of clothing!

Now that you are all jealous of me and my fan-tab-ulous outfits let's recap this week's running insanity.

I was trying to keep the mileage under control and was pretty successful. I WAS finding myself to be much more nervous about this 16 mile madness than I had anticipated. I pretty much had to haul back bitch slap myself in the face and get a grip. I mean, GAHD! What's the big deal here? I'm gonna be fine. What could happen?

My total mileage for the week was 20, all done in the confines of my basement on my new lovah, the dreadmill. GRRRR! Better than nothing fo' sho'!

So. By this time tomorrow I'll be all done with the madness and about to watch some serious football. I hope to finish feeling better than like SHIT and without falling down in the ice and snow, shattering my kneecaps and dreams!

Wish me luck friends, wish me luck....


  1. Wow--could you move w/ all that on?! Lots of dreadmill miles there. I say bring on spring!

  2. When it's freakishly cold here (I live in MN) I always tell myself that cold air has less resistance than warm air, thus I am able to run faster. Sometimes it even works! Good luck tomorrow!!

  3. I think you are over dressing! 10 degrees and all that WOW! I just have thermal tights ;) but if you can run all the power to you it beats the treadmill. :) nice miles

  4. Do you come in all chilled from being outside so long? I hope you have wood heat to get next to.