Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wrapping up the "11 Things" Thing

In the name of playing fair I'm wrapping up the "tag" I got a few days ago by telling all of you 11 random facts about myself.

Does it go without saying that most facts about me are random, period?

1: After talking about my favorite TV shows yesterday I realized just how much I miss Lost! Man, that was such a great show. Even Lame-ass season 2 was better than almost anything on TV now. (sighs with nostalgia...) Am I the only one who feels this way?

2: Up is one of my favorite movies of all time. I made a critical error in watching it almost immediately after my Granparents passed last year which led to me hiding out in the bathroom leaking huge, copious tears. Sad. However! If you don't get wrapped up in the sad it's such a terrific movie- especially if you have a couple of chronically foolish dogs.

3: I absolutely HATE the word that describes something that is "not dry", starts with an M and ends with a IST. EKKKKKK. I ALSO can not stand the word commonly used to describe ladies undergarments, which starts with a P and ends with an IES.
Heaven help you if you choose to combine those words. My ears will literally bleed hate.

4: I was in the shower last night and I noticed how absurdly large my hip flexors are. I was like "well, hellooooooo." There are not many parts of my bod that I look at and think "well isn't that just super sized" so I was amused by this. Thank you running, you have given me haaaaa-youuuge legs.

5: It's really hard for me to find skinny jeans that are little and skinny enough. This pissed me off because (as discussed) mah legs are freaking huuuuuge. WTF skinny jeans?

6: I don't like country music. But that song by The Band Perry- "If I Die Young" was in my head ALL Summer. It made my heart ache and gave me legit sad feelings. Just like that new Lady Antebellum song that is playing all over everywhere- Just a kiss- or whatever makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. which, in turn, makes me what to get a grip... Sappy old woman.

7: I am too small to give blood but plenty big enough to ride Space Mt at Disney. Thank heavens...

8: I hate baby showers and Bridal showers. Equally.

9: I really like waking up to nice weather. I know that "everybody" likes this but it makes me really happy. Simple things for simple minds?

10: You know when you're running and you have that moment (or series of miles) when you are convinced that you could just run forever? I like that. I like that a lot. Makes me kind of giddy just thinking about it...

11: If you can make me laugh it is likely that we will be friends. If you make me laugh and bring me cookies and/or beer you're in for life.


  1. I miss Lost too! Nothing has even come close, although Alcatraz has potential.

    I have huge calves. I have a really hard time finding tall boots that can actually zip up over my ginormous calves. It's very sad :(

    1. Ahhhh, the runners curse- BIG legs! Well, strong equals sexy, right? I am at the other end of the spectrum- my claves are so scrawny that my tall boots fall down (however, my thighs and hip flexors MORE than make up for it hahah!)

  2. I gave up on Loxt after the second season, it was just too convoluted for me!! I can't watch Up, I know that it is a good story but I full on SOBBED when we took the girls to see it in the movie theatre and when I tried again at home I cried EVEN MORE!! There is just so much sad, there's also the good cry when he gets to the end of her book, but still the sobbing was too much for me!!

  3. Lost was a fantastic show. So many good characters. It's worth watching it all again. I'm not big on showers at all. Although I like baby showers more than bridal.

  4. I loved lost, I also love that you said Huge like Dr. Cox on scrubs, another of my favorite shows.

    Up and Toy story 3 made me cry like a small child and my husband made fun of me forever! Though he did fall alseep during the first toy story watching, so he didnt witness the original sob-fest!

  5. so honestly... i think we might be the same person. except replace "lost" with "friends" (haha i know, totally not the same).
    #3. EXACTLY. and my husband thinks its really really funny to say those dreaded words together ALL THE TIME and laugh at me holding my ears and screaming at him til he stops.
    #5. i can fit into skinny jeans, but boots wont fit over my 15inch calves. blah.
    #6. try having this song play ALL summer long while your brother in law was dying. sorry, sad but true. i would be ok if i never heard that song again.
    #10. ultra marathon in your future? ill sign up for a 50k if you will... :)

    1. #10 I haven't even run a marathon yet... buttt, maybe?
      #6- oh jeesh. that takes it to a whole new level and I'm SO SORRY....

      One of these days we shall meet up at a race and (I suspect) become friends. Good times!