Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What happened LAST week??

LAST week's PLAN!
How did it go?
One again- very freaking well thank you very much.
(logically, so many weeks of good running prompted me to start the countdown to wheels-fall-off-bus as I crash-and-burnnnnn...)

Sunday: The remarkably icy 12.1 miler. at an 8:29 pace which is just madness and insanity. One of those runs where I was like "I'm an olympian! I am ahmaaaaahhhhzing!" and all that bogus nonsence that evaporates when I watch Desiree Davila knock out a few 3 minute miles like it is nothing. (that woman is a demon but my money is still on Shalane, I'm a big fan.)

Monday- 6.2 recovery miles. A very good idea as this was the fastest "recovery" that I've ever had from a long run.

Tuesday- Ummm. 4 miles on the treadmill? I think so.

Wednesday- It was 18 degrees out which is cold. I ran 7 tempo miles shooting for an 8:10 pace and snagged an 8:03. Had a very slow first mile but that was the only mile that sucked the life out of me. Had some very, very fast miles (in that 7:30 range) up over hills and into a fierce and frigid headwind.

Thursday- Pretty sure I eeeeked out 4 on the treadmill on legs that had just about had enough fun for the week.

Final result- 33.3 miles. For some reason I think I have screwed this up and that I did one mile more but (as is very apparent) I can't completely remember what I did.

Stay tuned to see those infamous wheels fall off my infamous bus!

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  1. WOW great miles. I did 23 miles last week and it was quite the increase so b/c I know I'm going to be running another 10 on sunday I'm going to slow it down this week and save the speed work for next week!