Sunday, April 15, 2018

Boston training: the one with ONE day to go

Tomorrow is the day!

We are all here in Boston, and we are not very warm. Last year, it was EXTREME the day before the race (90) and this year it is EXTREME in the opposite direction. 35, sleet, 35 MPH winds. Okie dokie!
I have packed a snow suit, and that is not a lie.

Today, when we arrived in Boston (after a perfectly fine drive but one that had us worried, with the snow/sleet and ice) Eric and I went to the expo to freeze, and take a quick walkabout.

The coldest pre Boston day in my history of running
Back tracking a couple days....
My Dad and I ventured down on Friday, as usual to pick up my bib and shop before everything sold out. This was a wise move, because everything was basically gone today!
It was between 65-72 that day which would have been far too warm for running!

I get this pic yearly 

The expo was at the World Trade Center, so some different scenery

I didn't buy much, but I did get shoes!

Lee and I made a post expo stop for a quick beer!
By this time, there was no doubt that we were going to be seeing some grossness on Monday.
Oh well.
I have packed a huge, and ridiculous number of layers. Also, terrible cold weather is actually just fine! (35 MPH head wind is less than ideal, but it is better than 80.)

Oh dear

 Eric and I ran a whopping 3.5 miles on Saturday to the pub!
The weather was shit, which was the best kind of practice. 33 degrees and damp and windy.

Final pre Boston pub run!
This morning was just lousy! In Maine, it was 25 degrees, snowing, icing, sleeting and just completely awful.

However, we made it to Boston no problem.
We met Sarah and family at our sweet Airbnb and then went on our expo adventure.

Tiny beers, but not Sam Adams... Weird

Writing wise words

Right?? So wise!!
So, tomorrow is the day!
I'm feeling good, and ready, and positive about the outcome. Really excited actually.
So by this time tomorrow I'll be good and done (and showered and fed and rested, hopefully!)

Hopefully we end up with a sweet, sweet tail wind!


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  1. Good luck tomorrow! If Hyannis is any indication,you'll be in your element with the rain and cold.