Friday, February 22, 2013

Stormageddon Update....

We are more or less in a holding pattern here in Maine.
The great news is that the officials running the Marathon have been excellent at keeping us informed.
We expect an official decision on the race status at 4 PM tomorrow.
Hahahaha.... Glad it won't be THIS bad!

As it turns out it looks like Hyannis will be experiencing mostly heavy rain, and remarkable (possibly 50 MPH!) winds.
Ummmm. Less that ideal? But much better than snow!
We're operating as though this marathon will take place. Getting stuff packed and organized. Refusing to fall face first into a large vat of ice cream and/or wine... (for the time being.)  My taper tantrum has ceased much to the relief of my exclusive dating partner and I'm pretty much ready to man up for whatever we end up doing.
I have prepared a slightly crazy back up plan but am planning on taking care of shit at this marathon as long as they will let us run. I'm seriously contemplating the purchase of some rainy day gear- as much as I don't like adding tons of layers the thought of 3.5 hours in driving rain makes me feel prune-y to say the least.
Planning to spend the day working (duh) eating (DUH) and getting everything ready to leave the house and head for Mass at 4:02 tomorrow afternoon. (good, positive thinking!!)
Fingers crossed. Let's do this thing!!!


  1. My race is officially cancelled for Sunday, but Hampton, NH is much more in the storm's snow path than the Cape. However, driving/windy rain just sucks. No two ways about it.

    Sounds like you're embracing your inner Lemonade (you know, when faced w/ lemons, make lemonade?). I wish you a "go" at 4pm and best wishes for knocking the shit out of THIS marathon :) GO GET'EM!!!

  2. How unbelievably nerve-wracking. Good luck making it all fit together and getting there safely and running. You got this :)

  3. Oh, I hope it all works out for you. We just got one snow storm, another is on the way for Monday--and they say it will last through Wednesday. What is that shit?!

  4. Good luck. I see that the Hampton race which I always do (not this year, I guess I lucked out) is cancelled. Hope yours isn't. Sounds like it will be a tough one.

  5. good luck! all our stuff is getting cancelled this weekend too. I hate these stupid storms messing up my weekends.