Saturday, February 2, 2013

January recap plus my second run in with THE LAW!

January was a pretty awesome month in the running department! 
I'm pretty geeked out to see my mileage climbing but I'm more excited that I have happy legs! 
Here is how it played out..

Miles run: 171, highest mileage since June- but BEST mileage EVER!
Number of spin classes missed due to weather, or just not having a class to go to- 3 (sad face)
Number of races run- 1
Number of PR's set for NO PR 2013- 1, oops!
Number of times that running made me vom on my shoes- 1
Number of shoes used in 2013- Despite the vom I'm still on pair #1
Number of Ipods purchased in 2013- 1 (I killed 2 last year...)

171 is an excellent number of miles and I feel great!!!So, do I feel like my foray into being a coached middle of the pack athlete is paying off? HELLS YES. For the first time ever I fell terrific in the middle of a marathon training cycle (I'm tired- but that is normal!) I am not second guessing anything because I know my training is solid. We build our houses out of bricks, not sticks around here people... No, every run has not been a perfect 10 but they can't be... The miles are going by easier though and the proof is right there: I PR'd last weekend with a lot of extra challenges. I would never try to be a competitive equestrian without an amazing coach (nobody should..) and I doubt that I'll ever want to go it alone with my running either. There are experts out there- skip a couple of dinners out and pay them to make you awesome. 

I mentioned the other day that the avoidance of the speeding ticket on the way to Derry was #1 in my multiple encounters with THE LAW.  #2 was on the way home from a very adult errand running trip with my sister (sometimes you just need a new bike trainer and Trader Joes...)  I don't like making fun of old people because it happens.. But gosh! I do hope that when my driving skills start to slip that my future imaginary children will take my keys for the good of humanity. (and yes, I agree that young people, middleaged people, ANY people can and do have accidents. Don't be hatin' on me!)

A quality FB post.And finally, I leave you with this question... Yeah, yeah... I know I do! #not

How do I...? Hmmmm, I forget....
20 miles tomorrow starting around 8 AM. Wish me luck and a happy belly! (and legs...)


  1. Middle of the pack my butt! Boston Qualifier != middle of the pack! Neither does placing overall in races or winning your age group (several times in big races!) You are fast bratface! Deal with it! :-P

  2. Great month of running!! Enjoy the 20 miles on legs that are happy!!!

  3. Ryan Gosling is just kidding around with you. It is me that he truly loves.