Friday, February 1, 2013

In which I show the world race pics and solve a mystery...

I have officially recovered from the trauma that was that silly, silly 16 (make that 19) miler last Sunday. I had a wonderful outdoor run yesterday, up hills into a 25 MPH headwind. Painfully reminiscent of Derry conditions but fun none the less. Yesterday was the last day for the Chilly Challenge that I've been doing for Team Giraffe for the month of January. We had a slow start but powered the hell up for the last couple weeks to take the win! I like to win AT ALL THE THINGS so this was a good way to kick off the year. Nice job everyone!!
I was so very excited to find free race pics! I look the same in EVERY one which is a miracle considering that I felt like vomitous death for a long while.
Thanks for the comments on my last post, friends! I do not mind if you laugh at me- I DO all the time! It is worth noting that I take enough pepto pre race to keep them in business. Gross. time to try something else, apparently. (are y'all sick of hearing about my GI issues? yes? too bad!!) 
What the hell is that tool in back of me so happy about???

WTF am I so happy about???

On Monday I got an exciting and very mysterious package in the mail that contained the most wonderful shirt I have EVER seen! I think that everyone knows about my absolute obsession with all things kale and I could not believe that I was lucky enough to get this glorious shirt!!

I kinda CAN'T eat more kale. But I will try.

Eric and I came up with all sorts of theories on WHO could have sent it to me and why. Finally, hitting a brick wall (despite our amazing detective skills) pics were posted to the internets. AND the mystery was solved! Apparently I do not have an internet stalker, because Eric's super nice sister sent it to me! I much prefer that to the slightly creepy alternative, haha! I pretty much love it and have worn it every day because I hate doing laundry so it hasn't made it in there yet!
I plan to eat LOTS of Kale leading up to this weekends long and tedious 20. (and lots of candy but we don't need to talk about that, right?!)


  1. That shirt does look amazing! Especially with your barn hat and snow-pants! Very nice... :-P

  2. Seriously, anyone that wears man-capris deserves to be beaten by a cute bad-ass girl.

  3. Sending you a wind-less 20 mile vibes this weekend!

  4. LOL at your comment on the first picture. And what IS with those capris?

  5. Love the shirt!! Where did she get it? I want one!