Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Week... ONE WEEK!!!

With one week to go until Hyannis I am officially ready. FOR IT TO BE OVER!!!
No lie, I'm just ready to get this shit over with.
Yeah, yeah. It's "about the journey blah blah blah" Please don't make me barf...

No we should not

At first tapering makes me a little bored and antsy. THEN in turns me into a terrible runner. My legs weigh 600 pounds each and (according to them) have never run a day in their lives. Any training that they have done since December 1st has been forgotten in favor of sluggish behavior and malaise. GROSS!


Marathon training is hard work dammit, even when it is a good training cycle as this one has been.  Remembering back to the last time I had a legit taper (in July, I didn't taper for MDI because I hadn't really been training. That's the way to do it!!) Anyway, I didn't really enjoy that taper either. Yes, I was pretty nastily injured but I also felt worse and worse as each easy run was checked off my training plan. I think it's all just a bunch of mental hulabaloo but that doesn't make it pleasant...

This is a good sign.
I hate the ones at mile 18 that lie about being "almost there!"
I have been complaining excessively to my poor coach about all my various imaginary maladies and severe boredom in my training log. Luckily, she finds me amusing and continues to put up with my shenanigans. Eric has taken to wearing ear plugs while in speaking distance from me as to avoid the constant flow of marathon disaster jargon. 
I kid, I kid. Kind of...

I plan to, thank you very much!
In reality, all moaning and wailing aside I feel (except for an hourly, I mean daily, oops weekly) panic attack, as prepared as I possibly can be. At this point there is NOTHING that anybody can do about it even if I am woefully unprepared so I might as well just suck it up.
One week. I'm ready to do some epic shit and get it done!


  1. You can do it!!! Have a great race.

  2. Ha! love the "you are not almost there" sign. I like the honesty.
    You are however almost there, there being the start of the race, so hang in there. and kick some marathon ass!

  3. OK, your opening paragraph made me laugh out loud!! Thank you for that-ha! Best of luck to you in ONE week!!!

  4. Tapering is by far, the hardest part of marathon training! It's when you begin to second-guess everything and question yourself and your abilities. BUT, remember to "trust the training" and you have been training hard and extremely well! You are going to do great!!

  5. After Derry, you can do anything!!! And so far, no cousins of Nemo heading our way to litter the course with snow :) Good luck getting through the week.

  6. You can do this! My boyfriend never understands why I get all hyper freaked out while trying to prepare for a race. He always says "it should be fun!" He just doesn't get the whole wanting to do well and putting pressure on yourself. If I had bionic legs I wouldn't have a care in the world :)

  7. Love that sign! Hate the people who say you are almost there when you are not. You'll get through the week and be great!