Thursday, February 21, 2013

In which it appears that the shit is about to hit the fan....

This morning I sent my coach an email that read like this:
Dear Kelsey,
That is all,
This is why.

Double Fact.

I'm seriously contemplating what Plan B is going to be if this weekend goes as is currently is forecasted to. It seems very unlikely that a race can be held in blizzard like conditions. It seems just as unlikely that I can run a sub 3:35 in hurricane force winds with even a couple inches of snow on the road... And honestly (no need to hate) I haven't spent 16 weeks training HARD to injure myself now, or to run less than my best effort. Yeah, I'm a jerk like that!
Marathons are not easy to find here at this time of year so it isn't like I can just bob over to town x, out of the storms path and get my marathon in. *sigh*
There isn't much I can do about it now. Between being at the very end of a taper and now dealing with the shenanigans of this stormy mess I have had a few moments of irritation.
(yes, I know this isn't life or death. yes, I know that the world does not revolve around marathons. yes, I know that "in the big picture" blah, blah, blah...) (anyone who trains for a marathon just wants to do it, ya know?) (and yes, I'm sure that whatever plan B ends up being will be fun and successful.) (But for this moment of today I just want to be grouchy!!)
See? Grouchy!

I'm currently operating as though things are going to be a "go" on Sunday. By tomorrow evening we should have a somewhat more factual (or, at least a closer-to-the-day) forecast which will make the decision easy. I am crossing my fingers that it turns out ok and that this storm will go out to sea, up to Canada or just vanish into thin air!
Let's all be hopeful!


  1. I can vouch for the grouchy part! ;-)

  2. Oh gosh, good luck! In my opinion, you have trained way too hard to get hurt and risk your goal race. There are so many races coming up that if push comes to shove, I would bag it and find one in the next few weeks that you could run (like DC Rock & Roll ahem)....I know that doesn't sound ideal but as someone who was "displaced" from NYC, sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do! Good luck!

    1. When I come to DC to do that *exact* race I plan to sleep on your couch. So plan on it.... ;-)

  3. Curses. Sorry you have the added stress of this impending weather debacle. My half marathon (Half at the Hamptons) that is supposed to run Sunday morning is already alerting us via website, "10% race goes on; 90% likely cancelled".

    Your marathon is far more important and you're allowed to be cranky. I hope the forecasts are wrong or at least "off" and you get to salvage this race you've worked so hard for.

    Mother Nature is such a b*tch sometimes.

  4. Oh no! Let's hope the weathermen are way wrong. I would be grumpy too.

  5. I totally feel for you. Nobody wants their training to go up in smoke because of crazy a$$ weather, but please don't send it up our way (Canada). We get enough of this shit already. Phoenix just got a taste of it the other day. I'm sure they'd like a repeat performance.

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