Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bridgton 4 on the 4th: A race of awesomeness!

This might have been the best race day EVER!
There is no better way to spend a national holiday than getting up at the asscrack of dawn to run a few miles as quickly as humanly possible. I actually mean this, which should come as no great shock to those of you that are familiar with me and my crazy.
I was pretty excited about this years race as a group of us were going to run, and dominate, obviously, at a variety of speeds.
I was nervous and had butterflies threatening to make me vomit due to the fact that I was determined to meet a couple of serious goals.
1) Sub 30. If I did not meet this goal I would have hung up my running shoes and crawled under a rock like a troll, never to come out again.
(yes. I know that trolls live under bridges. I would have just been an especially anti social troll, OK?)
2) Manage to place in the top 10 women. This was a lofty goal and I was absolutely convinced that it was fairly unattainable.

Kate, Angie, Eric, ME, Casey, Sue and Dan.
Our excellent cheering squad of my parents, Kate and Angie's husbands and Angie's Dad took pics, cheered us on and stood in the 58 degree rain for quite some time. We love you guys!!!
PS: Take a moment to admire the various socks. BIG PIMPIN'.

We all managed to get there on time, because we are very organized.
We all looked really, really good because style is the name of the game.
It was determined that we all had varying race plans so we split up, high fived, trash talked and got on with business.

I made a small error and ran the first mile in 6:10. Oops. Excited. I shouted "CALM DOWN STUPID WOMAN" at myself . After 400 weeks of dealing with my stupid shin shit I was pleased to notice that I did not notice it. Apparently sprinting like a complete tool doesn't pain it but running slowly and logically does. WHATEVER.
I did rein it in a little but kept up a decent pace throughout. I chased down two girls and a bunch of guys and just tried to stay with the front-ish of the pack people. It rained enough to make me not notice the copious amounts of sweat cascading down my body, which was nice. It also rained enough to make me want to hurry to the finish which was excellent motivation.
Overall, I pushed as hard as I damn could and hated my life a little bit but not as much as I sometimes do. Which can be a very, very lot...

WOW. PAIN FACE. I'm cranking. Totally going to chick those boys.

I cruised thru the finish in 26:53. Goal completed. Balls to the effing walls. I totally wanted to dry heave everywhere was cool as a cucumber, (but got my shit together) quickly enough to find my Dad and see Eric run thru the finish in just over 30:00. The blue argyle socks were easy to spot in a crowd of boring dressers....
Both of us ran back to track the rest of the crew down.
We saw Sue power for the finish and cross the line in 35:48- in her FIRST RACE EVER!!
We totally missed Kate in her bedazzled top who ran in in 36:46 despite the fact that she got cut off at mile 1 and badly twisted her knee...
Somehow we also missed Casey and Dan who finished right around the 38 minute mark. (this is very impressive for Miss Casey as she kind of hates running. silly child!)
We DID see Angie though, who beat her goal of 45:00 by a LOT and finished like a boss on 41:18!
It was a hell of a good day for all of us.
I did manage to meet my top 10 goal as well, with a 4th place overall woman's finish. Dear Mizuno, I am a legit scary runner, please sponsor my feet and send me some sweet new kicks!

So overall it was a damn good day on the racing front. Everybody beat their time goal, nobody threw up and then we all went home to ice our legs, sit around in compression socks and demand to be waited on and to be fed PB&J's. Oh that was only me? Whoops....

Look at lucky Eric. Big Pimpin with all the cute ladies...
We all look pretty damn good for running so fast.!!
It's ok to hate all of us for our undeniable good looks, fashion and fabulocity...!


  1. You always have the BEST racing pictures. Maybe it's because you're always busting your ass.

  2. Holy crap you were fast! You killed your goals.

  3. You basically suck at running. Seriously you should quit, like yesterday. Face it, athletics are just not your thing. Fact.

  4. I may have to look into these socks. It seems they give you wings when you run. I need those wings.