Monday, July 16, 2012

Color Me Rad... Color me messy!

I'm pretty much going to let Danielle take this one over. Want a GOOD blog? Look HERE!
And I'm going to shamelessly steal her pics, since mine look BAD!! SO BAD!!

Oh Man. One of those messy races!! But we are all cute...

MESS. Which took several showers to wash off!!
Her blog wins the award for making this race sound more fun than it was. Or maybe I'm just a grouch!
Here are my unbiased thoughts.
1- A 5k is not 2.4 miles, and that is a verifiable fact. We are probably the only people there who cared! But come on. Really.
2- Crowded. Chaotic. Silly. Messy. VERY messy. This shit was HARD to remove!! Holy crap!
3- A good way to see friends. But we should have met up for a legit run then eaten lots of food or something more logical...
4- IT WAS HOT. And running in a parking lot is THE HOTTEST!!!

Honestly, grumping aside it was just fine. An ok way to spend 2.4 miles and with the raging popularity of these races I must admit that I was curious to see what the fuss was about. Perhaps I was simply expecting something different? Who knows!

Then I went back to Maine and ran a legit 16. That was more like it... And it was cooler in Maine which was awesome. And there was more awesome stuff like beer and pancakes and the fact that it was Eric's longgest run ever which was badass... But I'm too tired to talk about how awesome that all was because I have taper brain and just want to sleep, lie in an ice bath, drink alllll the gatorade and have it be July 27th already. Hah!

And in other awesome news I totally twisted my ankle this morning. Doing what? Screaming and running away from a spider, that's what. Man, I am just too cool to even survive!


  1. after pics looks cute. i'd be ticked off to pay for a 5K that was .6 miles short. and from what i remember, the color run is not a cheap race.

    i'm not running it while it's in town, i am doing a tri that day instead. so there. guess i'm a grump too ;-0

  2. I was totally thinking it felt like 2.5ish miles....not a 5k. I'm sorry that you had a bad experience.

    1. I wouldn't say it was a "bad" experience. It just wasn't my thing :-)

  3. i refused to pay the 40 or whatever dollars that it cost....which is why i was not there.