Friday, July 20, 2012

One Week....!!!!!

One Week.
The panic has officially set in.
I find myself at this time to be in a state of relative disbelief that the past 18 weeks have gone by so quickly (what the hell? did I fall asleep and miss a few weeks? am I senile? fail!!)

I was plagued all last night by horrible marathon nightmares, the worst of which being a lengthy one about running alone thru Mordor. Honestly, I cant think of anything much scarier than that. Think: Eye of Sauron, Gollum, so much terror (and legit geekiness. yes.)

Then this popped up on my Facebook in all its awesome glory:
(thanks Eric)

And I felt much better. Clearly, I am well equipped to run thru the scariest place on Earth!
Which in 7 days time will actually be Wakefield Mass. OMG. Denial!!


  1. The week before a big race is the worst. You'll be fine. :-)

  2. That "poster" is incredible. Love it.

  3. amazing...I'd never heard about this marathon before, and it's basically in my backyard (I live in Franklin)......sounds like an amazing run, so I'm really looking forward to your post-race report! Thankfully, the weather has become a bit nicer! You'll do great!!!

  4. A little bit of fear is always good. It keeps you from feeling too confident and not trying so hard. Good luck!! You will rock it. Of course. Duh.

  5. You have trained so hard and worked ur little butt off for this. I believe in you and you will be fine. This is the beginning of many ...enjoy it...firsts are Always the best . U r ur worst critic. U will not die. I am so proud of u!! -BFF

  6. Though I would die (just saying) so good thing u r running and not me !