Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Boston Marathon 2019: Week one of training


Well. because time marches forward, and it is yet again January. Days are getting longer. Summer is coming. (this is the equivalent of people yelling "you're almost there!!" at mile 15 of a marathon. no, no you are not. but yes, you are closer than you were 15 miles ago..)

This is now at 3:50 instead of like, 1:45. So there's that.
So, while I have been easing back into running after my summer of sloth, last week was the first week that I called official (because that seems to be what I do every year.)

A reminder: I am not being cute about calling it a sloth summer. In September I ran a grand TOTAL of 12 miles (and since I buried my last fuck at some point, I could not have cared less.) Clearly, this was not going to be a return to running that brought me high mileage, or fast speeds early on. This is not my first rodeo kids, and I know not to be an idiot when it comes to training.

After my 12 mile September I had a whopping 33.8 mile October (apparently I was really determined to *ease* back into it!) November showed a logical increase to 92 miles. And December wrapped up with almost 130 miles, and my legs are beginning to feel like they are back in the swing of things.

Actually, getting back into it didn't feel bad at all. Probably because (as noted) I brought the mileage up slowly.

Eric and I have been doing long run Saturday since November 11th, beginning the routine many weeks ago with 8.8 miles, and progressing to a 17 miler last Saturday. (and at the very end of this 17 miler, I tripped on a curb, flew over the sidewalk and did a spread eagle belly flop into a snowbank. Traffic legit halted to watch my chaos. Probably because of my glow in the dark kit..?)

Can you see me??? Noxgear worn backwards for maximum running-towards-traffic safety
17 miles is somewhat ahead of the Boston training plan for long runs, but there is an outside chance that I might do a mid winter race to try to BQ for 2020 (being that Boston is usually a sweltering shit show, and I just don't cut it in the heat.) Plans TBA.

Mileage wise, I am exactly where I was at this point last year. Despite the lack of fall mileage, so go figure. My long runs have been excellent (although I certainly felt a little out of shape for the first few.) My concern about a mid winter marathon is my extreme lack of speedwork. There are numerous reasons that I am so far (and I mean, FAR) behind where I was last year. (the slow start to the season. multiple weather issues- including routine power outages that rule out treadmill work. scheduling challenges with work. on and on and on the excuses go.) Last year this week, I was cracking our 6x1200 @7:04 pace I believe, which sounds absolutely impossible at the moment. I managed 5x800 at 7:42 last week which is just not where I was at last year. Hey- New Year, new (slow) me, right??

While I am aging up for the 2020 season, it matters not. BAA adjusted the qualifying times last year to reflect no change in what pace I must run in order to qualify (So, I still need a 3:40. We will assume that means a 3:35 per the norm.) Yes, I was looking forward to gaining that extra 5 minutes this year but it doesn't really matter. I'll just have to kick up that speedwork and quit my crying. (I had a lot of people ask me about my feelings on this, and I really don't care. Too many people are qualifying, and something needed to be done. This was it.)

So let's see. Goals.
-To have a good training cycle. I like my winter training, so this is a good plan.
-Stay healthy (already blew it and caught a really nasty cold.....)
-Run a 2020 BQ at some point. Like, this winter because there AIN'T NO WAY I'm gonna train through the summer for a fall race. Nope. Uh-Uh.
-Have some solid pub runs, and hopefully make *the world at large* feel concerned for my health, as people really should never drink a beer after a run. duh.

Drinking beer after a run. Somehow surviving. 

Mileage: 38.2
Long run: 17 (in upper 30's weather- quality.)
Beer at pub: A mix of triple cream and double cream, which is excellent
Colds caught: 1 (on Saturday, but I felt fine until Monday. ok...)
Coldest day: Not cold enough to mention.
Oh, and mountains climbed: 1, Mt Madison (which I totally don't count for training....)


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