Monday, January 8, 2018

Boston Training week 1: the one with the freezepocalypse

It was really cold last week. The kind of cold we haven't seen in such abundance in years.

Maybe we got it out of the way?

I kicked the week off on Tuesday, with an easy 5 miler in 10 degree temps. It should be noted that 10 degrees may be my coldest run of 2018, but I ran right before the New Year on a day that went down to 1, so that's my all time record.

Goggles are key
I have been asked quite a bit recently about my opinion on running in horrible weather. Here's the deal.
If you want to, and have the outfit for it, and are excited by the thought of it, go right ahead.
If you don't want to, or don't have a sub zero kit, or hate the idea, then don't.
You are not going to get extra points for suffering through it, nor should people who are comfortable in icky conditions be called "insane"(hey, they are only hurting themselves!), and you are NOT a wimp for cross training or hitting the treadmill. Not at all.

So maybe not a great answer, but do what you want. Basically in all areas of life, haha. #choices

We got a huge snow storm and since I don't actually want to die on the roads, I took speed work indoors (see, common sense!)
I did 6x1200 at 7:09 pace.

The snow was falling hard
Friday and Saturday were the coldest days of winter. It was 1 degree on Friday and 0 on Saturday, with windchills close to 60 below WTF?

A rare warm moment

So... I ran indoors both days and THEN AGAIN on Sunday. GAH!
I think I did 6 easy, then 12, then 7ish with downhill repeats which were lame.

I finished the week with 38.6 miles and all was well.
Unlike last year, I avoided the ER during week one of training. I very much hope to keep the NO ER streak alive, thanks. Jesus.

I usually finish my training recaps with some bullet point highlights, and I can't remember what I did last year. I'll just do a couple basic ones this week and then try to get bit more clever next week.

Miles- 38.6
Coldest high temp- 0 (-58 windchill...) And the high temp of last week was 24, for about an hour. (coldest low temp was -15, and it was -28 just around the corner. no thanks.)
Coldest day that I ran outdoors- 10
Largest snowfall- 10"
Random fact- Should This be a running fact? A random fact about general issues? Or me specifically? Today's random fact is that I did not think this one through, but I feel that it has potential.


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