Saturday, April 16, 2016

Boston training week #13 and Expo Day!

99% of the time the final week of taper isn't even worth mentioning.
Typically I run about 15 miles for a Sunday race and I faff around. Very dull.

This hasn't veered too sharply from the norm except in one area.

Last Saturday (so, like last week) the 10 day forecast became available and it looked warm. Definitely a tick up from the 25 degree runs that I had been having.

65 is the median temp that has been predicted. Okay.

There's not anything you can do about the weather. So, I said "whatever" adjusted my finishing goal time and proceeded to run the remainder of my training runs dressed as though it was 15 degrees.

See, I'm not lying.

Sara, are you cold... "No I'm sweating my balls off"
It was NOT warm this week in general but was around 50 a couple days (definitely shorts weather) so the neighbors must think I am nuts. When it's like, 42 I run in shorts so this is a strange outfit adjustment for me.

I am a strange kid
Let's be honest. Will this forced acclimation experiment pay off? Who knows! Probably not because the air has been so nice and chilly and dry. But it was amusing and, to be honest, very uncomfortable. Perhaps a good study in discomfort survival.
Just to give you an idea, I have been wearing the following:
-long tights
-winter socks
-other pants
-warm shirt
-some kinda sweatshit
-some vest, puffy or fleecy
-hat. gotta have the hat. and a visor because #sun
-big fuzzy gloves

History has proven that I'm not the most able bodied warm weather runner but that, with a logical plan that I can finish healthy and happy just not super quick. I'm planning to execute a smart plan and enjoy my day, get my medal and enjoy my race! And I'm going to snapchat SO MUCH!!

And it will be nice to be back in shorts... Seriously, I have never sweat as much as in the last 10 days. SO MUCH LAUNDRY.

So! My Dad, Eric and I headed to the expo yesterday. It opened earlier than last year and I had to work until late morning so we headed off and got there around 2:00.

LOW crowds! My DAD!!
 The lines for numbers and shirts were non existent. I walked right up which was nice.

Basically the only one here. And yeah, I know better than to post a pic with my number... So no number pic...
It was a little busy in the expo area but NOTHING compared to Saturday at Noon! While I wasn't too excited about the official merch this year I still managed to drop a mint since a sweatshirt now runs you a sweet $100. Ouch! But I bought it so obviously the steep prices aren't slowing business any...

We moseyed around, saw Meb, picked up some odds and ends and OBVIOUSLY a tiny beer!

Sam Adams is our most important stop!

Today's strange story:
I was checking out some new shoes, I go through a lot and am always interested in checking out new brands especially if they are a local company. At this booth I had a rather odd experience! While inquiring about their product to one worker,  an employee (who I later found out did not even work in that booth) cut in and was like "you know what shoe you would really like? HOKA'S!" This led to a lengthy chat (mostly him chatting) about the merits of Hoka's, which I mostly agree with and know all about. (keep in mind- I was NOT at Hoka.) After a period of time I basically had to cut him off and say "I came over here to look at THESE shoes but now I'm pretty sure I just need to go back to Hoka- WHO do you work for?" The whole thing was odd. I did not buy any shoes.
(I actually plan to contact this company and let them know this happened and try to get actual good information from them. I feel like they make a good product but wow- what a strange thing to run into!)

We happened to still be in the expo for a moment of silence at the time the first bomb exploded in 2013. I don't talk much about how that has affected me because I certainly was one of the lucky ones. However, I think that everyone who was there in 2013 was impacted by the events of that day. I still feel incredibly fortunate because I know how close my family was to being right in the line of fire. I am thankful every day that I don't have a story to share, I am one of the lucky ones.

 Anyway. Enough feelings.

On our way out we ran into Danielle, who looked calm and collected and ready for race day. She had just wrapped up her run and ran INTO the expo to say hello, which was great!
It's her first Boston and I'm really very excited for her!

It is ALL HER FAULT that I run marathons. <3

After all the excitement my Dad and I took off and left Eric in the city to fend for himself since he was staying to run the 5k this morning. (and he stayed with my cousin and cousin in law, THANKS for hosting you guys!! so he wasn't just cast out...)

This year we did not have to valet park so we did not lose the car which was good.
We drove back to Maine in ALL kinds of traffic and since arriving home I have been pretty much straight out busy ever since. I'm about to call it a day and say what's done is done, and if it isn't done it's not gonna get done! And get off my damn feet for good.

So kids! This is it. Feel free to follow my musings on the Instagram for the next couple days because I certainly won't resurface here for a bit.

TWO DAYS!! GAH. How did this come up so quick? Anyways... Send me good thoughts, fast feet and cold rain! (and may the sun shine on the spectators, may the wind fucking ALWAYS be at our backs, may your sunscreen not be expired and may your chafing be minimal.....)

Good luck runners. Have a kickass day. Get yourself a damn unicorn!!

Next time I see this will be MONDAY!!!


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  1. I'd have to shave more than two hours off of my marathon time to BQ, but unicorns are my spirit animal so maybe it'll happen one day. ;)

    I'm sure you've already crossed the finish line but I hope your race was amazing!