Sunday, April 3, 2016

Boston Training Week 11: The last of the high mileage weeks.

Another big week done and with that, the taper begins!!

The reason for the last 11,987 days of training!
I should probably do a full recap post on how I actually think this training cycle went, now that it is done and dusted. History proves that I probably will not and taking this into consideration here are a couple thoughts (and perhaps next week, with fewer things to say I will delve more deeply into this- but I wouldn't get my hopes up.)

In a nutshell this was my strongest training cycle in years. There is a distinct possibility that a little research might prove this to be my best training cycle ever but a: I don't have time to do this and b: honestly, it doesn't matter!

I feel more fit than when I ran a 3:25 in 2013 and given the challenge of Boston's terrain I imagine this will translate to a 3:30.

I said, with great sarcasm earlier today that what happens now is "in the hands of the Lord."
I'm not a religious woman so what I actually meant by this is that the only thing that can screw me is the weather, and that's out of my hands entirely. I refuse to worry about it. What will be will be. (and I am lying a little bit. of COURSE I am going to worry about the weather. who do you think I am?)

So, let's recap.

Monday: I was stuck on the treadmill because it was 35 degrees and just pouring buckets and buckets of rain. Nope. I did 3x2 mile repeats at 7:55 and it was totally decent. Not particularly thrilling but not particularly horrid. Quite sweaty though.

Look at the sweat. Eric was shocked that I'd post such a gross pic. I thought he was past being shocked about anything.
I forgot to mention that Eric bought me a new GPS watch which I think is just the cutest! (both my exclusive husband's ability to gift me and the watch.) It's a tomtom and other than having it tell me how long I ran for I use none of its features and never even look at it. I give zero fucks about what my watch says, other than the total accumulation of miles. As I have said, my watch can't tell me a damn thing than my legs haven't already spoken up about. However, this is more reliable source of data than my unreliable phone so I am enjoying that, and how cute and adorable it is.

I discovered that heavy rain activates the "lap" button. Useful.

Tuesday: 7 miles, easy.
It would have been easier if we had not been dealing with 40MPH wind. It was quite an adventure and I blew hither, thither and yon which was rather entertaining.

Literally, holding on to my hat
I decided that this was a good day to take my Hoka Claytons for a test drive and see if they lived up to all the hype. Spoiler: they did not.
I have not made a final decision on whether or not to keep them but I'm leaning towards no. However, I'll probably give them one more chance to impress me before I box them up for a return trip. 

They look cool. They feel "meh" Side note: look at them skinny ankles, haha!

ALSO on Tuesday Mr Bradlowski and I also enjoyed quality time together. In separate locations on separate computers but appreciating the shared experience of standing in virtual lines to sign up for a race (which sold out in like, an hour.

How we bond
Wednesday: Bitch Hills. It was a touch warmer (54) but since I run on the late side the sun was below the trees so I was quite comfortable.
I was completely whipped by the final mile and, while it was gross, it is more or less what I expect after running seventy bazzilion training weeks. The workout itself was still a good success. Despite pulling the pace back from last week it was still probably the second fastest I've ever run the route so that says something. (like it's time not to run bitch hills for a week or two.)
I get home from bitch hill day late which is key because I can take artsy phone photos of sweet sunsets. I know you all read just to admire my artistry. Obviously.

Maybe I should consider the use of filters for a more dramatic scene.
Thursday: Off. Thank THE LORD. As you can see, I may have welcomed Jesus into my life. If it's a nice day on the 18th you can thank me and my fervent prayers ;-)

Thank the sweet baby Jesus for a heaven sent rest day IPA
Friday: Typical Friday crap. A few easy miles, a few base miles and uphill back home.
THIS was GROSS. My legs just couldn't be bothered. Okie dokie.
This was, by far, the warmest day I have run on this year. Temps were nudging 70 and with the rain the humidity was cloying. A good reminder that sudden increases in temp are my Achilles heel and that is why I have a race day plan B. I'm not too sharp in the heat. (and heat is relative at this time of year. 60 is heat.)
It also thundered.
And poured down rain.
I got threatened by menacing Pomeranians and wild turkeys.
It was a very odd run.
I was none too pleased
Saturday: Long run, 16 miles over rolling hills with the second half being entirely uphill. (about 800 ft of elevation so not too impressive but still a decent number of little hills.)
After the YUCK of Friday this was quite nice. The temps were a perfect 48, the skies were cloudy and drizzly and the rain was light. Basically, my ideal running conditions.
This was a fine final long run. My pace was steady at 8:40's, I more or less zoned out the whole time and I finished feeling good.

Done! Happy!
Sunday: Rest day, and I was not too sad about this because it was another dumb windy day AND the treadmill is on the fritz. Good thing it is April!

Next week I'll be pulling back the mileage to 35 or so miles depending on how I feel. There are sill a few hard workouts in there but with the mileage reduction perhaps I will stop needing two dinners a day. PLUS over a dozen eggs a week PLUS two loaves of bread AND a whole thanksgiving turkey to keep me from getting hangry like a jerk.
We shall see.

The weekly wrap up:
Miles: 50 and change (March total: 222)
Favorite TV: 2 episodes of Chopped which were very good
Favorite beer: I had an Foundation Epiphany and an Afterglow, both were excellent
Low temp: UGH, it was cold AF on Sunday. Like, 25 with 40MPH wind.
High temp- 68 on Thursday which would have been great if running wasn't a thing...
Favorite food: My Mom made a Turkey Pot Pie out of the Thanksgiving turkey that she nicely made so that I would not die of no food. This pot pie was really good. (and the turkey was made recently, not at Thanksgiving. But it was LIKE Thanksgiving so that is nice.)
I also had an Amato's Italian after my long run which is perfect post run food.
Basically, I will eat anything/everything now. ALL of it. ALL.


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