Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 12 of Boston Marathon Training: Taper edition

The past week was all about the taper. I always wish that I would notice my mileage reduction in a really obvious way, like suddenly having many more hours for sleep or recreation. However, this week only brought enough extra time to clean the house sufficiently so as to not need flip flops inside. #win

I was trying to think about my feelings regarding this years Marathon and, as promised last week I have basically nothing. Clearly, I'm very excited to be heading to the start line again. This year's qualification was earned at a time when I was mentally struggling with marathon training/marathoning/running so even though that seems so very long ago (it was in 2014 after all...) I still appreciate the work and struggle it took to get where I'm headed in a a week.

There is NOTHING easy about qualifying for Boston. Nothing. Perhaps I tend to get more emotionally involved in the races that I run to earn qualification and I view running Boston as a reward and the icing on the cake. Boston is one big party and it is so SO exciting to be part of the crowd that is lucky enough to experience the event. I'm really looking forward to it this year! I tend to feel all the emotions while actually running but not before. I feel fine now, normal, busy at work and I want cookies and pancakes and a steak but that is par for the course.
(I know I said I had nothing and then I wrote two paragraphs. Still, less than I see in a hot minute from complete strangers on instagram, hahah!)

So how was week one of tapering?
It was fine. I am good at tapering.
No, I'm not kidding.
I forgot to take pics this week so this blog is boring.

Bitch Hills, in 25 degree snow showers. Like, steady freezing cold snow.
My lips were blue by the time I got home. Cute...
This was a good solid workout and one that I won't miss skipping for a few weeks!

Wow. Really cold.

5 miles, easy pace, in 28 degree wind. Why is it winter again? WHY? At this point I was like, well, it had BETTER be 35 on race day or I am fucked.

Off. Time to clean the house and do 5 loads of laundry!

Rest day beer: Foundation Brown is great
6 miles, mostly base pace with about 3 at marathon pace.
The weather for this particular run was amazingly similar to what we dealt with in Boston last year. 48 degrees, pissing down rain and wind! It was quite an exciting run and very wet. Sometimes it's rather fun to head out in the most crap of conditions. (really.)

We were sopping wet.

Off day, time to see the Chiropractor.
It hasn't really merited mention but I have had a series of rather nasty issues with my back for the past 8-10 weeks. Non running related obviously, but serious enough to impact my daily life, sleeping and comfort. Because my chiro is a magician I am already feeling much better!

Today I could finally look at the 10 day forecast and I hated what I saw. 65 degrees and blazing sun sucks giant hairy ballsacks. I was not amused, and continue to feel unimpressed.
There's nothing that can be done and I refuse to look at the forecast again until like, next Sunday. I refuse to let the damn weather piss on my cornflakes. I won't have it!!

After recovering from the shock of thinking about going from 25 some odd degree running weather this week, to 40 degrees warmer next I headed out for my last real workout prior to race day.

Of course, it was barely 40 degrees with freezing cold wind so hardly good for acclimation. Oh well.
I ran 10 mostly MP miles (a few slow, a few fast) I felt fine, it was a solid run and if a marathon was 10 miles in ass freezing cold weather I would win, each and every time.

I felt a little icky after but I'm pretty sure it was just female issues. Another situation this winter that didn't really merit mention was that (through no fault of my own) my birth control situation got completely screwed up. Hence, so did I. I'm at the tail end of the issue and it was dumb and a strain on my ovaries and what not. Seriously, I'm  an old woman and I don't need to be put through hormonal trauma, thanks. I was pissed, and my doctor was pissed and it was just a giant hassle. #rantover

6 suuuuuuper easy recover miles on a nice brisk 45 degree day. All was well.

With just over a week to go I'm feeling ready and excited. This year will be a fun new experience because I have SO many friends running and we are ALL in the same wave! It's going to be amazing. I'm so used to being allllll by myself for 100 hours before the race that having friends to talk to and take a ton of selfies with will be a fantastic change.

So what am I hoping for at this point?
-That the weather doesn't decide to get crazier.
-That I have a calm week at work. This weekend was a borderline shit show.
-That I continue to feel good.
-That I find everything that I have ever wanted at the expo and that it is all half price!!!!
-That I remember to take more bad selfies because, without those, this blog is nothing.



  1. ALL THE SELFIES! to be taken with someone elses phone (likely leslies, with her whole back up battery and all) because mine is going to be shut off and saved for the likely event of death by heat wave.... since i was practically dying today in 42 degrees. oh im not happy. also, psyched that you clean during taper too. that will be me tomorrow. OMG ONE WEEK!

    1. I plan on a series of selfies marking my slow decline into a sweaty mess. I'm planning to stop for beers with the Boston College kids to make myself feel better so you can find me there if I vanish ;-)

  2. Can't wait! One week! And I am SO glad to hear that your back issues don't affect your running...I'm pretty sure that is how my pelvis injury started...lower back locked up. bah! Now..fingers crossed for a tailwind and that it stops jumping by two degrees everytime I check!

    1. In a way I was lucky, I was dealing with shoulder/upper back/neck stuff. So it didn't bug me unless I wanted to move my head or my arms. Hmmmm, I guess it did bother me haha! It didn't mess much with my legs though...

  3. Rest up. As my college coach used to say, you should have sparks coming out your ass at the start of a marathon.

    1. Will do, I'm super good at tapering. I think I'll total about 15 miles prior to race day....