Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June recap, and why 2012 was a fast year.

I can't believe that it is already July 1st- June was the fastest month ever. I wish that I could say that about miserable months like February but no, those months take forever. *typical*

June was good month of running. I did not set any distance or speed records but that was not the goal! If I remember correctly my goal mileage was 100- well up from last years rather piddly 40-something. I'm giving myself some righteous head pats for exceeding my goal by a small amount, I eeeked out 112.3 miles. That point three is critical and rather annoying as I prefer to have nice round numbers.

The big excitement of my month of running was taking on Strava's Everest Challenge. You had to complete 7,257 feet of climbing to "win" and this prompted me to do some pretty absurdly hilly runs. It was possibly the most fun I have had in a while (go figure, my definition of fun is a bit off.) Anyway, good motivation to step off the beaten path. (I exceeded the goal here by a smidge too and ran about 700 extra feet, straight uphill bitches.)

There was a lot of THIS.
What I did not focus on last month was any sort of tempo work, or speed at all. Most of the time I'm not even thinking about speed in the middle of the summer but I am planning to run the 4 on the 4th on Saturday. Oooofffff. I doubt that any records will fall (actually I know they won't- 2012 will hang on forever and always as my fastest year ever.)

Back in 2012 I certainly did not think that all of these years later I'd still be chasing the PR's I set then but that is the fact of the matter.
My marathon PR was made in the Fall of 2014 (and I have "new" 1 and 5 mile PR's from 2014) but otherwise, 2012 still holds on.
Why the hell? On my run yesterday I gave this some serious thought and figured it out.

-In 2012 I gave zero fucks. I ran like a lunatic and the thought of blowing up mid course did not bother me. *BRAAAAWWW GET OUTTA MY WAY!!!!*

-In 2012 I felt the need to "justify" the time I was putting in to my running. I did this by running balls to the walls all the time. every day. but mostly while racing.

-In 2012 I was dealing with some emotional bullshit and huge life changes. I was a little pissed off and I run phenomenally well when I am angry (I'd rather be slow and happy.)

-Due to said BS I was a couple pounds lighter than I am now. (only a couple, but I'm short. 1 damn pound is more dramatic on me than on a 6'5" dude!)

2012 when I was FAST!!! MAD!!!! Pink socked!!!!
That couple pounds makes the difference in me feeling like an awesome rockstar (like I do now) or feeling tired, and getting injured easily (like I did then.) Yeah, I was fast. But my current weight is my healthy weight and that's that! I did reflect during this time, and to this day, that the weight/speed conundrum could be a slippery slope. I'm very lucky to have a healthy view on food/body and being healthy is my number one priority. No fast race is, or ever will take top billing over having health and energy!

My feeling is that I might never get back to those faster times at the shorter distances. I'm not needing to justify my hobby to anyone anymore (like myself!) So perhaps running like there is a fire behind me is a thing of the past. Perhaps not. Never say never! (like, there might be an actual fire you know?)
I enjoy running SO much more in 2015 then I did back then- I am healthy, uninjured, I have a blast on my adventures and I still get pumped to race.
I'm pretty sure that eventually I can bring my marathon time back into the upper 3:20 range and that is my goal for the fall season, barring unforeseen shenanigans.
So for now, I'll use the shorter races as tempo workouts without having any pressure or disappointment.
After all, racing is always an adventure and adventures are my favorite!


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