Thursday, July 23, 2015

Running thru the humidity!

Last week was most definitely a Maine summer heatwave. Temps AND humidity in the mid to high 80's made for some downright soggy and unpleasant days.
Despite the sopping conditions I had a pretty decent running week. (decent for July means a 30 mile week- I'm totally happy with that!)

I had a couple of great runs- some varied workouts, one horrible hot run where I wished to just die and a spontaneous 5k last weekend.

I had not run a 5k since May of 2014 so my expectations were reasonable. I feel like I'm in decent enough shape but my speedwork has been more "you're late, hurry" than "strict track 800's!" (which is how I roll.) I'm NOT in sub 20 shape- hahahahahah funny- I don't plan to be! However, I decided that I was in sub 22 shape so (still Garminless) I struck out intending to do that.

21:40. Totally fine. It was cool, with 65 degree temps, light drizzle and absolutely suffocating humidity. So actually not cool at all, stifling in fact. Hot as balls.
My legs felt zippy but the lungs couldn't handle the tough facts of life, humidity and my dedication to a noticeable lack of speed training.
I had fun and felt good even though it felt like work. (and good = SWEATY GROSS)
I ate donuts and celebrated a race which is done in very short order! 5k's are so short. Also, you can run one and then continue on with your day like nothing ever happened. Indeed, a very odd contrast to the marathon.

This snap was the only decent pic. Quality blog skillz.

This week has been a different story- my mileage is super low. I took a couple days to let a funny hip flexor work itself out (it did) and to work quite a bit and feel a little crummy for no good reason, and to stack hay and crap like that.
And it's ok. I'll run more next week, tomorrow, or whenever the time is right!

Or I'll just stack more hay.
(Food post tomorrow. I'm sorry about the delay, I've been too busy for the internet!)


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