Saturday, November 12, 2011

Will the Big 12 happen??

**Update** Yesterday evening I ran 5 miles, on the road, in a snow squall, up massive hills and a 19 MPH headwind (wtf...) at an average pace of 8:22 per mile. TAKE THAT!!****

I had a few simple goals coming into the 2011 "Race" season.

-Run a 10K (did it)
-PR in a 5K (not gon' happen)
-Run a Half Marathon (did 3!!)
-Run 12 races (well... Only about 3 days left in 2011 so it's not looking good!)

As it stands right now I have 9 races under my belt. The 3 halfs. 2 10K's. A 4 miler. And 3 miserable 5K's! (MAN how I hate those 5K's...)

At this time of year there is very little to do and I missed my shot at another Half due to the wounded foot crap of doom and gloom.

I have signed up for two 5K's (UGH.) One local, boring and thoroughly dismal one on November 20 and another, more fun and beer laden opportunity in Mid December.

I would like to make my 12 race goal happen. I just have to decide if it is worth it to take a weekend morning off (loosing lots of money from the clients I would be missing out on) and driving at least 3 hours total for a dreaded 5K.

Time will only tell...


  1. my answer to the last question
    3 hours drive that alone is not worth a 5k...
    you had a good year!
    no turkey trot near you?
    I am still looking for one myself

  2. You've done a ton already. If you don't get the 12 in, it's ok. And I wouldn't go 3 hrs. for a 5k. A 1/2 marathon or more, yes, but not a 5k!

  3. 11 in 2011. Nice ring to that. The beer laden #11 sounds like a perfect way to celebrate your last race of the year! Of course, kudos if you go for 12, but 3 hours a long way for a sucky 5K! You've run more races than me! Nice work!

  4. You've had a good year! There's no need to rush, squeeze last minute races in to prove anything, you're a darn good runner! :)
    Hopefully this doesn't come off harsh or rude, but try and go into those 5ks with a more positive attitude than "UGH"... You'll enjoy them a lot more if you go into them with a big smile on your face.