Thursday, November 10, 2011

The final countdown. Until my B-Day, that is.

It is good that I can admit that I am a bad blogger. There are no other words for it, I am not "fair" or "poor" I am quite simply, BAD.
My time has been remarkably limited and as I always say (really?) if I have spare time and can either run or blog I'm going to run.

To make up for it, I plan to conduct my own version of the November daily blogging thing which many of you seem so fond of. ONE WEEK. That's all I can manage and I might only get 3 words in! What the hell, it's a start and should get me caught up. The whole thing will reach a climactic end on the biggest day of the YEAR- my Birthday. Whoot!

I leave you now, with horse pics from the end of the year. I plan to attempt to devote my next 6 (count 'em) posts to RUNNING so I thought I'd squeeze these suckers in today.

I LOVE this pic! With my BEST horse friend after we snagged 1st and 2nd at Regionals!

My Little guy- if he isn't just the cutest damn thing!


  1. Happy birthday, from a fellow Scorpio. Great pictures!

  2. Totally jealous seeing your horsey pics! Your little guy looks like a nice mover. Can't wait to see all your epic blog posts. Happy early Birthday, too!

  3. The horses are beautiful! Looking forward to running posts, too, but it's always nice to see the other side of someone's life!