Sunday, November 13, 2011

The name of my blog, de-mystified.

I do appriciate the fact that the population of the internet does not think that almost 32 is "middle" aged.

I must say, that I do not either.

Back before this blog I had one called "middle aged waitress" telling the sordid tale of a horrible job that I was unfortunate to have. In the waitressing industry (although not at this particular hell hole) I felt quite a bit like a middle aged person in a sea of barely legal tartlets.
(feel free to check it out- go back to the begining and live the horror that was my LIFE!!

Needless to say, the name just stuck! Accurately, I consider myself to be a "median" age runner but that does not have the same catchy ring to it that "middle" aged runner does, ya know?

Sorry about the short post today, I promise more entertainment tomorrow. I have a lot on my plate as I have my fabulous cousin visiting and we have a fun activity planned. Called "The Worlds Worst Trip To The Dump" and involves the relocation (to the dump) of a large amount of construction materials. Which have been sitting in my basement since 2007.

And y'all thought that I didn't know how to show my houseguests a good time! HAH!

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