Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ultra Marathoning with my cousin

Hah! Made ya look, didn't I?
Ultra Marathoning is about as likely to happen around here as hell freezing over, or the humidity levels dropping. Ugh!

But really. We headed out on Saturday AM (A sweltering Saturday BTW) to the infamous Lovell Old Home days 5k. Then we made pirate faces. It is in our genetic code to do so. The Cuz missed the memo about the FACE that goes along with the hook. Silly boy/man!

OK. This is us looking normal. As normal as we get...

So on to the good stuff. We decided that it would be a great idea to race because I have not been practicing my running very well lately and he has not been running for years. Overall, we felt very prepared. Who cares, right? No way we are going to do our best in the 80 plus degree insanity anyways.

Decent crowd at the little race this year! About 50 more runners than last yeat for a total of 150 finishers. Neither of us had any expectations and decided to run at a comfortable pace and to meet up at the end. The course is a funny beast- the first mile is easy and flat, the second mile has a hill and a big curve and the last mile is fully dirt (which was a bitch to run on this year- slippery, rocky and a mess!) and a hairpin turn as the course is a lollipop. Pretty much impossible to manage negative splits but whatevs, we were out to have fun!

We ended up doing pretty darn well.

Me- 23:13 (1 second FASTER than last year with NO speed work. Hmmmm?)

33rd place and the 5th placed woman. 3rd in age group (damn fast 30 somethings!)

(Edited: I thought I was 3rd but was actually 2nd! It was 10 year age group blocks too, which stinks...)

Him: 26:04, 60th place- (sadly in the fastest male age group so no age award.)

We ate some donuts and went home.

The end.


  1. sounds fun despite the heat! Nice job on the finish and congrats on the 3rd place in AG!

  2. Congrats on your AG placing! You are speedy!

  3. Donuts? My race this weekend had oranges and water melon. I could have eaten donuts!
    Good job on your time.

  4. Love those no expectation unexpected speedy days!

  5. Good lord woman, you still flew through that race! Congrats! I look forward to getting into my 60's so I have a shot at actually coming in a race for my age group with a decent showing. I figure by then most of the fasties in my age group now will have stopped running.

    Steady and slow wins the race! Ha ha

  6. Nice race and congrats on the 2nd place age group award!!