Thursday, July 7, 2011

Racing with the kiddos

Well Hot Damn, an actual running post in the so called running blog.

Don't get used to it. (just kidding. sort of.)

The 4 on the 4th. A big old mess of a race that fully overloads the local town's capacity, porta potties, parking situation and road space. A damn fine time if you ask me.

I did a pretty bang up job in this race last year, finishing in the top 200 and coming in somewhere around 31:30 or so. (I admit that I am too lazy to double check that. Go ahead and sue me for my pride, that is all I have!)

Different ball game this year. The kids (we'll call them 8th Grade and 9th Grade for obvious reasons) came along for the ride. Good, athletic kids who play sports (8th grade is a National Competitive Cheer Champion. And a fine Equestrian) (9th Grade plays ALL the 9th grade sports and is agressive enough to make me look passive. yikes!) Who also rides horses, obviously. Oh, and they have never run a day in their lives. Something that I know a little bit about. Yeah.....

We set off to have a good time and to try to run the whole thing, not vomit and finish as close to a 10-11 minute per mile pase as possible.

Gotta say, those kids started off stromg. Clocked in the first mile at 10:10 and all seemed well. Shortly after the one mile mark the wheels began to fall off the bus a teeniest bit for 9th grade. I have to suspect that she may have some excercise induced asthma (paging Dr. Middleaged....) Honestly, I only guess that because her breathing sounded so similar to people I know who are affected by said situation. OK. Moving on.

Mile 1-2 was ok in roughly 12 minutes. A pace that fely arduously slow for me, but I reminded myself that this race was about the greater good of the youth of America and not about me. And really, I was JUST fine with this. They were a riot to run with, and so cute!

At the end of mile 2 I asked 9th grade if she needed a medic. She did not. We walked, drank water. Recovered. Took 13 plus minutes to get to the start of the last mile which I thought was solid, considering the break that we took for medical purposes.

The kids really woman-ed up for the last mile and kicked it into high gear for another 10 minute mile. I was proud, they were pumped to get to the finish line! We finished in 45:55 and as much as I secretly cringed on the outside I was (of course) all pumped up! The best part is that both of them are excited to try again at some point in the near future. I fully expect that little 8th grade will run another 4 miler at the end of the month. 9th grade was a bit slower to commit, and I after chatting with her Mom the wheezing issue might get a checkup first.

But really, a good time was had by all!! (and here we are!) And yes. I am the same size as tiny children. Do not judge...


  1. You are so tiny I could fit you in my pocket! And it's great the kids ran with you! Hope they keep the bug and you have many more races together.