Sunday, October 3, 2010

Important lesson learned and a big long talk about my feelings...

I'm finally fully recovered from the Shin Splint of Doom, back from vacation, done with my competitive season in my other sport and ready to get back to it.

How do I feel?

-Honestly a little bummed. I wish that I had had the common sense to take a week off when my leg first started bugging me and had saved myself the 6 weeks of recovery time. A lesson learned, I suppose. The final feeling on the injury is that it was not sustained from the accident but rather trying to gimp/run around post trauma. A great big DUH to myself and my stupid over achieving head.

-I am extra disappointed because had I not been shin splinted I would be looking forward to my first 10K on October 11. I had signed up for it and was really feeling like my OH 10 running goal would have been met. I simply can not see that there is a logical reason for running that race unless I feel like being crippled for another long period of time. So I will not do it.

-The race season in my area seems to be winding down. There are a few fall races and Holiday events but it will be snowing in about 5 minutes and that effectively shuts down the running community.

-BUT. Amidst all my negativity there are some good things too. I clearly learned a valuable lesson about listening to my body a heck of a lot better. In the long run this setback won't make any difference because I'm certainly not training for the Olympic trials or similar.

However, I'm sure that other type A people can understand the frustration of a set back such as this!! RAWR!!

I'm going out for an easy walk/run this afternoon. I'm sure it won't be pretty but it will be a step in the right direction- of putting the left foot in front of the other- faster than I have been for quite a while.

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