Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One step forward.....

Oh Maaaaaaaannnnnn. You think you're getting ahead again after a million years and THEN....

I headed out for my first "run" on Monday after being freed from the DL. (finally!) I was extremely pleased with how I did (although per DR's orders I took several walk breaks and did NOT run down the huge hill at mach 10.) I felt really good, and ran like a gazelle or similar bandy legged creature (haha. at 5'1" that is unlikely.)

I awoke the next day with one of those disgusting, pustulating, all consuming head/chest colds that make it near impossible to live, let alone run. Can't breathe thru my nose because apparently it is filled with concrete. Can't breathe thru my mouth because that triggers a fit of coughing up lung chunks.

Well, isn't THIS annoying!!

After staying up allll night last night trying to find some place in my body that would allow oxygen to enter I'm not feeling that I have recovered quite yet. This is ridonkulous, and I am suspicious that some running God has it out for me and wants to keep me off the streets.

Not gonna happen running God. I'm getting back out there the second that vile Floridian Cold leaves my system!


  1. Do you think it could be allergies? I never knew I had allergies until this year.. I tried Claritin & it helped. Sorry you're not feeling well, I hope it gets better quick!

  2. Sadly, this was a really epic cold. I do have allergies too (and also find claritin to be a life saver!) This was one of those severe congestion, terrible cough, body ache bugs that hung on (and on, and on.) Finally, after 9 days I feel fit to hit the road today.
    Thanks for your "get better" wishes- most appriciated.